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4 Popular Type of Movies You Watch And How they Affect Your Health.

How movies affect your health
Everyone loves watching movies, they have the ability to touch us and connect with our deepest emotions. But do you know that the kind of movies you watch affects your health? They not just affect us psychologically, but also our general health and wellbeing.
Today, you’ll learn about 4 popular types of movies you watch and how they affect your health. These genre of movies are comedy, horror, romantic and action movies. Please relax, enjoy this unique content and learn something new.
How comedy movie affects your health

1. Comedy movies
Comedy movies are the movies that are intended to make us laugh out loud, these movies always have happy endings. The basic theme of any comedy movie is humor, and humor is good for your health. What are the health benefits of comedy?
When you are watching comedy movies you are taking ‘pills’– the best and cheapest medicine, laughter.
Health benefits of Comedy and humor are:
• Comedy movies are known to improve cardiovascular health. According to a research carried out, Out of 20 people who were asked to watch funny movies, 19 had enhanced blood flow. Laughter generally boosts the heart’s function. Thus decreasing your risk of heart diseases.
Laughing is the best treatment for stress, depression and anxiety. 
• Laughter and humor boosts the immune system, by increasing immune cells and antibodies.
• Watching funny movies helps you recharge your system. Sharpens your focus and increases your enthusiasm.
Horror movie affects health

2. Horror movies
Many people love horror movies, even though they are intended to get us scared. Horror movies are so captivating and enthralling, but how do they affect your health? First let’s find out some of the health benefits of watching horror movies.
• A common feature while watching a horror movie is fast heartbeats, this is good for you. Just like watching comedy movies, it improves the blood flow, only this time more faster.
• It exercises your brain. When you are busy trying to figure out who the killer is or why the house is haunted, you are actually increasing the brain’s activity. Additionally, watching horror movies causes the secretion of dopamine and serotonon, neurotransmitters that stimulate the brain. 
• Furthermore, watching horror movies is known to burn calories and help you lose weight.
Now you’ve known the good, What are the negative effects of watching horror movies?
∆ Horror movies can make you lose your sleep, by giving you a lot of very unpleasant nightmares.
∆ It can affect your kids psychologically.
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How romantic movie affects your health

3. Romantic movies
Romantic movies are the movies that portray love and emotions as the central theme, they are intended to get us all lovey and ‘some of us’ cuddly.
Watching romantic movies affects mostly your psychological and emotional health. And to a greater deal those in romantic relationships. What are the health benefits of watching romantic movies?
• It can help you deal with emotional stress such as getting over a break up.
• It can improve your mental health, by helping you relax your nerves and calm down anxiety.
• For those in romantic relationships,  watching it together can bring help you spend more time together.
• It also enhances the way you relate to others, thereby improving social health.
Negative impacts on your health are;
∆ Even though it helps your emotional health, it can also harm your emotional health. Viewing romantic movies can give you unrealistic expectations that may not happen.
∆ It can also affect your psychological health, by making lowering your self esteem when you how perfect the characters are.
How movies affects your health
4. Action Movies
Action movies are movies that are intended to make us go whoa!, these are movies that have heroes who destroy the villains using physical feats. Action movies cover a lot of other genres like adventure, epic or fantasy. How does watching action movies affect your health?
• They stimulate adrenaline rush in the body.
• They help improve our mental strength and imagination.
• They can inspire you.
The negative effects are;
• They can make you think of violence or make you become violent.
• Children who are excessively exposed to watching actions movies, tend to practice the violence they saw. Which leads to risk in home health and safety.
I hope you enjoyed reading and learned a lot.
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