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5 Best Foods That Can Be Used To Treat Colds

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Foods that treat Cold
Catching a cold can be very distressing and frustrating the symptoms are just sickening. Before a year runs out, you must have caught cold at least once. Going through cold and the flu symptoms will cause you notable anguish. That’s why you should know the best foods that treat cold.

Although seeing the doctor would be very good to do, consuming some certain foods, herbs and drinks that treat cold would help you to not just treat the flu but substantially reduce the symptoms.
Remember that cold is gotten when a virus infects you, your body then responds by releasing antibodies to fight them. So these foods  do two things its either they boost immune help your body fight the infection or that they are able to curb this viral activity and destroy it.
Okay then let’s find out the best foods that treat cold…
1. Onions
Onions are very useful in managing cold and flu bouts. They have an immeasurable amount of health benefit in your body. They were used in ancient medicine to treat cold and muscle sores. Onions help destroy any microorganisms that could be causing the infection and also improves the immune system function. How does it do this?
Onions are rich in sulfuric compounds, this compounds give them their odour and it also makes you cry when you cut them. Additionally, they are also very efficient in destroying many common microorganisms. Onions also contain an antioxidant called quercetin. This antioxidant helps in enhancing the immunological response of the body to assassinate the virus. 
Whenever you are down with a flu include more onions in your diet.
Foods that treat cold
2. Lemons
Lemons and other fruits of the citrus family are very reliable in managing cold and flu symptoms. And the reason is simple, they contain a very powerful and popular vitamin that uses their ‘familys initial’ — Vitamin C! 
Vitamin C is popularly known to enrich your health, and fight infection. Eating lemons and other citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C will help you fight off the cold for some duration and help you get through the symptoms. Lemons also inhibit the growth of viruses.
Furthermore, vitamin C is advantageous due to the fact that it is unlikely to cause any harm when overdosed.
3. Garlic
Garlic is arguably the best food that can used to treat cold. Apart being efficient in cold and flu treatment it is also used in cases of various other health conditions.
Garlic, just like onions contains numerous sulfuric compounds. One of them is an antioxidant called Allicin, that helps get rid of free radicals, henceforth boosting the immune system notably. 
A lot of other studies have also showed that regular consumption of garlic can prevent common cold as well as alleviating the symptoms you are passing through. 
Note : Consuming odorless garlic supplements will be less effective, as the actI’ve compound allicin is no longer present.
4. Water and Green Tea
Water and green tea is great for colds and flu because the infecting organisms survive in dried or dehydrated areas in the body.
Taking enough water can help flush the virus from the nasal passages and sipping hot liquid will clear nasal congestion and sore throat. The compounds in green tea have antiviral properties too. 
Here’s a trick I’ve used to know how water can help you conquer the cold. Now when you have a flu your urine will be very yellowish, however if you take enough water ( like 7 glasses a day) your urine will gradually get brighter as your cold is getting better. Additionally, organic detox with strong antibiotic and antioxidant properties can help you get rid of cold.
5. Spicy Chicken Soup
Chicken soup has been believed to be a good treatment for cold, that is not a fallacy. Chicken soup when prepared hot and spicy can reduce the severity of what you are passing through. It does it’s work by increasing the temperature of your nasal passages and also moistening it. 
Additionally, a well prepared chicken soup with vegetable contains all the properties to alleviate viral growth and minimize their action.
Thanks for reading.
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