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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kind of Dental CAD-CAM Milling Burs

Dental CAD-CAM Milling Burs
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Dentistry is one of the medical fields that have experienced advancement. This is largely thanks to the influence of technology.

For instance, there is now such a thing as CAD/CAM dentistry. This means Computer-aided-design and Computer-aided-manufacturing dentistry respectively. The use of this technology in dentistry has brought in a lot of positives. This is considering how dental restorations of the highest order are possible.

Dental CAD-CAM Milling Burs

Here, we are talking about prostheses in dentistry that includes onlays and inlays; crown lays; crowns; and veneers. For more information about how this technology is enhancing dentistry, you can visit:

And still speaking of the use of this technology in dentistry, we also need to talk about milling burs. These are the kinds that can work with this technology.

This is the right article for those that know very little or nothing about these kinds of milling burs. So, you should keep reading especially if you belong to any of these categories of people. This is because we will discuss some things that you need to know about these kinds of dental milling burs.

What Are CAD or CAM Dental Milling Burs Used for?

These tools are used for cutting through hard areas in the dental cavity. This includes areas such as the bone, tooth, and other hard tissues in the dental cavity. The highlight of using these tools is that they allow you to make the most of CAD or CAM technology

The essence of using these tools for cutting through these hard tissues in the dental cavity is to aid restorative procedures. Considering the essential roles they play, the right kind must be used when the need arises.

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Selecting the Right CAM/CAD Dental Milling Burs

Just as with any dental procedure, the right tools need to be engaged. This is other than the fact that the right hands have to make use of the tools and oversee the process. To get the right dental CAD CAM milling burs, here are some things that a good one should possess:

Compatibility with CAM/CAD Milling Equipments

Other than the kinds that work with CAM/CAD equipment, there are ordinary ones for dental procedures. However, one of the things that set one that is tag CAD/CAM milling burs apart from ordinary ones is the ability to work with CAM/CAD equipment.

However, you should know that even some of these dental tools are not compatible with certain kinds of this equipment. You are advised to get one that can work with almost every CAM/CAD milling equipment.

Appropriate Coating

This tool needs to be well coated. One of the reasons for having one that is properly coated is that it lasts longer.

This is because the exterior coat helps it withstand a lot of things that can compromise its longevity. So, make sure you go for one that is properly coated.

Available in Different Sizes

The size of milling burs that would be used per time depends on the need for various results. So, you cannot afford to have just one or very few sizes. This is why the right set with the right sizes should be gotten.

In line with the designs by the CAD/CAM technology engaged, you would be able to use the right size to achieve the right effects. So, make sure the one you get has the right sizes.

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Dental CAD-CAM Milling Burs

Made with the Right Alloy

We spoke about the need to get one that is well coated above. But more important is the need to get something that is made using the right alloy. This is because this is what determines its effectiveness and durability to a greater extent.

This tool is faced with lots of pressure especially when they are used. This is the sort of pressure that can cause a break. However, the alloy composition used to make it would determine how well it does in terms of break resistance.


The quality of the CAD/CAM dental milling burs you get and use for dental procedures matters a lot. This is why this article has shared 4 important tips that would help you get the right kind. You are advised to put these tips to good use when the need to get them arises.

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