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43 CBD Solutions Salve Review

43 CBD Oil Salve
Written by Collins Nwokolo

If you have been following trends in the last 5 years, then you would know that one product that has increased in both popularity and usage is CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds from cannabis, known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid receptors in our body, resulting in a change of mood, based on the properties of the particular cannabinoid. CBD is said to have medical properties that can help in the treatment and management of so many conditions. 

Besides that, CBD has no psychoactive effects on the body, which is something most people associate cannabis with. Instead, that euphoric feeling is triggered by another cannabinoid, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, just like THC, but in more amounts and without making you feel high. 

CBD’s popularity has grown due to the legalization of cannabis across states and countries across the world. Increased research and study have also resulted in it being used to make many products that people can enjoy. These days, anyone can buy any CBD product of their choice and use it how they like, depending on what they need it for. One of such products is CBD salve. People use CBD salve to reduce pain around their joints and other areas in their bodies that are sore or feel painful. The body absorbed the CBD directly and helps to relieve the pain. The problem is getting a good CBD salve that would be as effective as you want. Many CBD salve products in the market barely offer any form of relief and, if they do, it only lasts for a very short while. If you are looking for a good CBD salve to use, then you should try the CCOF Certified CBD Oil Salve from 43 CBD Solutions.

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About The Product

43 CBD Oil Salve

43 CBD Oil Salve

CCOF Certified CBD Oil Salve is made from 100 percent hemp oil extracted with ethanol, which is a purer and cleaner way to extract CBD. It is a full-spectrum product, meaning that it contains other cannabinoids besides CBD, but they may be present in lesser amounts. The whole process, from the planting of the hemp seeds to the oil extraction, is controlled to ensure quality and effectiveness. The CBD oil contains less than 0.3% of THC, which makes it safe and legal to use, and also means you would not get high or feel euphoric from it at all. Added to the hemp oil are natural and organic ingredients, like olive oil, rosemary oil, beeswax, methol, and it is free of artificial ingredients, to give you a very natural salve that would not affect or react with your skin and also help the hemp oil work better. 

What makes CCOF Certified CBD Oil Salve great is that it gives you all the immense benefits of CBD without side effects. From the moment you put it on your skin, the CBD would bind with receptors in your skin to reduce the pain and also help you feel relaxed and calm. Compared to other methods of consuming CBD, using it as a topical, in the form of salve, allows the CBD to work almost immediately, meaning there are no delays, and you should feel the pain reduce. 


CCOF Certified CBD Oil Salve can be used for so many conditions that have to do with pain, soreness, inflammation, itchiness, and so on. Some of the conditions you can use it for include dermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis, nerve pain, chronic pain, joint pain, inflammation, and so much more. You may have to ask your doctor before using the product to be sure it would be effective in your particular condition. The product is only to be applied externally; on the very spot you feel pain. 

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1. Ethanol-extracted full-spectrum CBD oil. 

2. It contains other natural and active organic ingredients. 

3. It does not have toxic, harmful, and artificial substances in the mix. 

4. Required 0.3 THC content. 

You can get the product directly on the 43 CBD website.

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