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5 Killer Ways To Get Rock Hard Abs

  Abs are the most popular muscle in the world, because they are not only exposed a lot, they make you look confident and sexy. That’s why everyone wants to know how to get abs fast.

The truth is getting rock hard abs is very easy. You just need three things, which are hardwork, dedication and persistence.
You need hardwork, because it involves doing a lot of strenuous exercises and putting a lot if work into fitness.
Dedication because you need to put my mind to it and stick to your fitness plan. And persistence because you need to do it regularly.
Today I’ll be sharing with you, five important things you must do or avoid in other to start carving out your abs. Stay tuned!
1. Eat the right way
What you eat is very essential in getting abs. There are two important rules to this.
First, is the carbohydrate issue. Most people say you should eliminate all carbohydrates in your diet, that is totally wrong.
Carbohydrates give your body the energy it needs to destroy the fat, strengthen the muscles and energy to keep you going. If you remove carbohydrates, your plans of getting abs will backfire. So what is the right thing to do? Check this out.
“If you want to get the abs you need to tone down the carbs”

Carbohydrates should be eaten as breakfast and on days when you plan on doing strenuous exercises. This is to help supply you with the energy to carry out the abs exercise successfully.
The reason why you should tone down the carbs is because it could add more calories and work against you.
The second is protein. Proteins are the best food to be eaten after working out, because the repair wear and tear and also help in growth. They should constitute a large part if your diet while engaging in your fitness regimen to get build abdominal muscles.
protein. They will also serve to reduce your total caloric intake.
How to get Abs

2. Exercise on your abdomen

This is the target area where all your work outs should be focused at. There are many exercises that help the abdominal muscles. Here are the few easy ones you should try out.
Sit ups: You should lie on the floor, feet on the floor, knees upwards and hands behind your head. You can chose to have someone hold your feet against the floor or wedge them under a heavy object. Try to sit up, lifting your back off the floor . Make sure you keep your back straight. Lower your back down and repeat till you are tired. Do that same number throughout the day and increase it with time.
Lying leg raises: This involves you lying on the floor, straightening your legs, and place your hands at your sides. Lift your legs straight up without bending your knees until they are completely or nearly vertical. Lower your legs down and without letting your legs touch the floor. Repeat it until you are exhausted.
Butt ups: Place yourself as if you want to do a push up, except that your elbows and forearms on the floor in a 90 degree position. Then try to slowly move your butt as high as possible. Till your body is shaped like a triangle. Finally you then slowly lower your buttocks back down into the normal plane. Make sure you hips don’t sag.
There are other fitness exercises you can also do for building abdominal muscles.

3. Perform cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise and other related exercises should be done once in a while. These exercises include jogging, cycling, running, bike riding swimming or even dancing.
These exercises are meant to increase your heart rate. These cardio exercises will not just burn calories  but also raise  metabolic processes over the course of the exercise.
How to get Abs

4. Avoid alcohol

If you are seriously planning on getting toned abs, alcohol should be a no no. Alcohol and fitness do not ever work out. The reasons are  because, it is the main cause of bloated belly, it alleviates the muscle from increasing weight  and  it makes you add weight generally.
5. Sleep properly

A very good sleep time is imperative to increasing your fitness level and building abdominal muscles.
Inadequate sleep may prevent the hormones that regulate your body’s  fat burning. A study in the University of Chicago scientists discovered that few nights of poor sleep could make your muscle cells to become resistant to the hormone insulin. Remember insulin is responsible for metabolism. And this will finally lead to accumulation of fat in the body.
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  • Eating sufficient protein & carbohydrates is required for getting perfect abs but one also needs proper hormonal balance. Having optimum level of Testosterone is the key.

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