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5 Proven Natural Remedies For Hypertension You Should Try

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Proven Hypertension Remedies
It’s common for us to experience hypertension (high blood pressure)
these days. Even kids and young adults aren’t exempted from this kind of
ailment. Take note that we’re not designed to be perfect, especially in
health. However, you can manage whatever health condition you have right
now like high blood pressure, diabetes, micro nutrient deficiency and so on.
It is also common for most patients that they’re going to seek advice to
their family physician or doctor. However, doctors are going to prescribe
you synthetic medication which may temporarily lower down your blood
pressure and may lead to long term kidney and organ disease in the future.
Although it’s okay to take prescribed medication from the doctors, however
you can’t rely on them alone.
There are people with high blood pressure who can’t afford to buy
prescribed medication. This is why every solution has an alternative, which
is more on natural. Without further ado, these natural remedies will help
you reduce blood pressure once and for all.
1 – Watermelon Seeds
Usually when you eat watermelon fruit, its seeds are being spit out and
thrown away. However, the ones that you throw away are one of the keys to
managing your hypertension. Due to its cucurbotrin content of the seed, it
helps cholesterol reduction and losing weight.
Therefore, it is highly considered that you should be eating watermelon
seeds on top of eating the fruit alone. It may not be easy for you to eat
these seeds, but think of the benefit that it can give you in the long term. Water melon seeds can used in preparing some delicacies.
2 – Hibiscus Herbal Tea
Another natural remedy that could normalize your blood pressure is known as
hibiscus herbal tea. By drinking at least three cups of hibiscus herbal tea
daily, you’ll experience having your blood pressure lowered down for good.
It might not be that much, but it could reduce your risk of having a stroke
or heart attack later on.
3 – Primrose
It was proven that primrose can help regulate your blood pressure. Hardy
Fuschia, an evening family of primrose shrub, is one of the best to lower
your blood pressure. Primrose can be used for drinking teas and eating
However, people with hypoglycemia and diabetes (type I or II) should take
extra caution in consuming primrose daily. It could be very dangerous which
drastically lowers your blood sugar.
4 – Hyssop Tea
This herbal remedy is no different than the others. Not only hyssop tea has
the ability to reduce hypertension, but it can regulate the blood flow on
your body too. Drinking at least two to three times daily would be good
enough to manage or regulate your high blood pressure.
5 – Citrus Lemon
Another natural remedy that would lower down your blood pressure and
maintaining heart health is no other than citrus lemon due to its vitamin B
content. It works well by adding honey, into the warm water on top of
putting the lemon juice. I tried this before when I have high blood
pressure, and it worked for me.
EXTRA TIP: Make sure that you do regular exercises daily. When you wake up
in the morning, make sure that you do some stretching and breathing
techniques first. This will help improve blood circulation on your part.
Indoor cycling (using high durable bike trainers)

 or outdoor biking, walking, jogging, cardio
exercises and light sport activities can contribute to reduce your blood
pressure back to normal. It’ll keep you healthy in the long run.
Proven Hypertension Remedies

Final thoughts
You may only live once on this world, so it’s better to do something about
hypertension in a natural way than accepting your fate. Don’t treat
hypertension as a normal ailment, but rather a serious one. It could lead
you to serious complications that results to chronic illnesses in the near
future. It’s better to prevent yourself from making your health worse by
applying these natural remedies to normalize your blood pressure.
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