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5 Unhealthy Things We Do To Our Teeth

Written by Collins Nwokolo

Teeth are not for fun. They exist for a specific purpose. Yes, they are to help you in eating, chewing and speaking. Some people, however, forget this very basic rule and start using their teeth for tasks not intended in the first place. Naturally, consequences would be there if you were to use them your teeth for tasks they are not capable of. You might have seen some people do unhealthy things to their teeth, but you should not imitate them at all. Even dentists advise against being too adventurous with their teeth and instead being modest.

Here are 5 unhealthy  things we do to our teeth –


5 Unhealthy Things We Do To Our Teeth

unhealthy things we do to our teeth

1. Using your teeth to open bottles

Your soft drink bottle is never meant to be opened with the teeth. It can chip or fracture your teeth. In some cases, broken teeth also result when someone tries to show bravado and open the bottle using their teeth. You should absolutely stay away from such an act else a little convenience might prove problematic in the long run.
Cases are many where opening bottles have led to broken teeth requiring repairs on an immediate basis. Plus, this act may also put you at risk of losing your natural tooth and you know nothing else can match the power and potency of the original teeth. So, let the openers do the job for you and save your teeth for bigger things in life instead.



2. Using your teeth to rip packages

You may need to rip open a lot of packages on a daily basis, whether for spices, dairy, chocolate, etc. You know the trick and take help of the special packaging to do the trick. Some people, however, don’t even bother to read the instructions and use their teeth almost instantly to rip apart the package.
Using your teeth as package rippers are always harmful as it may lead to breakage or fracture. You may save some time, but the damage caused in the process will definitely outweigh the gains. The habit might make you visit the dentist more often in future than you might anticipate. So, use your teeth for the purpose they are meant, not for ripping packages.

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3. Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice is an abuse to your teeth in a real sense. This habit puts your tooth enamel at serious risk of fracture or breakage. If you chew ice, this could also lead to gum damage and broken teeth. Some parents are careless enough to allow their lads chew on ice without even thinking of the repercussions in future.
Even if your enamel is tough, it can stand the roughness of ice being chewed. So, you have to be careful a bit in this regard. And if your child still insists on the act, you can always throw an apple, or carrot at them and urge them to continue chewing on forever. That won’t hurt at all.



4. Drinking Soft Drinks

Sugar is bad for our teeth. That’s why dentists warn kids to stay away from candies, toffees, cookies chocolates, etc. Still, some parents find it hard to control the soft drink urge of their children. There are some drinks that are bad for your teeth. This is how the risk of cavities is higher among children than adults. Such drinks not only stain or discolor teeth but also pose dental decay risk in future.
Rather, you should try to let your child drink more of fluoridated tap water or simple water as both have benefits galore. It can also help them scrub away harmful stuff, keep the mouth hydrated, remove bad breath and let them maintain dental health.

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5. Never Flossing

Would you believe that only a fraction of the total children in the world floss their teeth daily? Well, don’t get surprised as even adults don’t fare any better. Not flossing is a type of dental crime you should not be committing ever. This can lead to tooth decay, allowing plaque to build up and you might even have bad breath. You should brush your teeth twice a day to get a clean, healthy teeth.


unhealthy things we do to teeth
It would be crazy for you, or any child, to miss flossing as this can increase cavity risks manifold for sure. To know about the subject, you can always consult a top prosthodontist Manhattan and find right treatment options for most of your dental issues as well.


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