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7 Parts Of Your Body You Never Knew You Could Exercise

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Define ‘Exercise’, it is an activity done to improve or develop a skill or ability. Most times we think exercise is just about losing weight and burning fat.
Well it isn’t, rather exercises are done to improve or maintain the performance of the body. There are certain parts of your body you didn’t know you could exercise.
Exercising affects the entire body and enhances overall health, and also there are certain exercises that should be targeted for specific action. 
Now let me give you an example, you can exercise your brain by playing brain games, like chess or solving difficult questions. You are not doing it to lose fat in your brain, and you can’t expect to get abs by playing Sudoku. Rather it is done for improved mental performance
What I am really saying is that.. although exercises are done generally to lose fat or look better (which is very good), others parts of our body can be exercised for a better, healthier life.
Now I please enjoy this unique content and wonderful  piece of information.
1. Your Eyes
Yes, you can exercise your eyes. Now, first of all why would anyone want to exercise their eyes, you are not Clark Kent. Eye exercises are done:
∆ To strengthen the of the eye.
∆ Improve the eye’s range of movement.
∆ For enhanced vision and eyesight.
∆ To improve visual alertness.
∆ Treat certain eye problems.
∆ To help in proper sleeping.
So now, what are the eye exercises. They are many very good eye exercises, here are some of the best ones:
• Eye rolling – This is a very simple eye exercise that can be used to improve your eye’s movement and alertness. It can be easily done, by rolling your two eyes together to complete a 360 degree. First, you roll them both to the right 4 times, then to the left 4 times too. Repeat for as long as you can.
You can also do a directional eye movement by moving your eye up, down, left and right. Make sure your eyeballs moves as far as possible.
• Massaging around your eyes – This is another pretty cool eye exercise, it is used by many physiotherapists in eye treatment. You can do it, by applying pressure to the bones and ridges, around your eyes.
• Zooming of the eyes – You can train your eye muscles with this exercise. This is done by focusing your eyes on an object that is very close to your eyes, then on another that is a little farther, down to the farthest object and so on.
However, if you have any serious eye problems visit an opthalmologist. Also note that this exercises shouldn’t be done with a contact lens.
2. Your Cheeks
Cheeks are important and wonderful, but when you have chubby cheeks, it’s a problem. Chubby of fat cheeks will look so cute on a child, but will make an adult look like a bulldog. Exercises can be done on the cheek to strengthen the muscles and give you a well shaped face. Here are some simple exercises to reduce cheek fat:
• You can stretch your cheek muscles by using a small balloon, blowing air inside it till it’s full and your cheeks is strained, then you release the air and repeat for 5 minutes.
• Another one is by sucking your cheeks inside your mouth, and extending your lips. Hold this position for as long as possible and repeat accordingly.
• Chewing gum and smiling alot also helps too.
3. Your Neck
The neck is an essential part of your body, it’s carries your head and connects it to the body. Neck exercises are performed to:
• Treat chronic neck pain
• To get rid of fat around the neck
• To reduce rigidity and increase mobility of the neck.
The common neck exercises you can do are:
o Place your left hand across to cover your right ear, then try to move your head downwards in other to touch your right shoulder. Provide resistance with your hand. Repeat for as long as possible.
o Rotating your neck around is another great exercise, it can be done for 5 minutes to reduce neck fat.
o You can also learn about other neck strengthening and neck stretching exercises
4. Your Ears
As ridiculous as it sounds, you can exercise your ears. The collective group of exercises done for effective hearing are called Ear exercises. They are done to Improve hearing, identify the pitch in music sounds and listening skills and to develop a well-tuned musical ear. 
Have in mind that ear exercises are mostly for people that are into music. But no knowledge is a waste.
What are the exercises for better ear function?
• Interval ear training – This is an exercise done by finding the difference between two notes. The different pitches have different names which are used in their identification. They are done either to train your ear or to test your ability to identify the type of interval. For more effective exercises, you can incorporate singing.
• Listen to various kinds of music, including those with lots of sounds and instruments. Example is Electronic dance music.
5. Your Voice
When I say exercising your voice, it means all the parts of the internal parts of the body concerned in voice production.
Voice exercises are done to improve speech and vocal skills. It is usually used by singers
Simple voice exercises are;
∆ The best exercise for the voice is singing, sing any song you love so much loud and clear. Singing aloud strengthens your laryngeal muscles.
∆ Make humming sounds or brrrr or ahhh sounds for few seconds.
6. Your Jaw
Exercises on the jaw are basically done to get rid of jaw fat and double chin. They can also be done to improve mastication. Exercises for the chin and jaw are:
• Chin raise – You can do this sitting or standing. First you look up directly, and then pout your lips tightly. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat for as long as you can.
• You can also protract your lips for as far as possible and hold it for some few seconds.
• You can also retract and protract your jaw to strengthen jaw muscles.
7. Your Nose
Yes I know it sounds funny, but the nose can be exercised. The main reason why the nose is exercised is for beauty purposes, women that want to have a well shaped nose but don’t want to take risks of surgeries.
Here are some of the nose exercises
o First you should place your index finger on the tip of your nose and press it slightly. Then, push that finger down by exerting downward pressure by your nose. Perform regularly.
o Another one this by placing two fingers at the bottom sides of your noses, and then flaring the nose.
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful article. Please I’d love to read your comments and would also like for you to share. Thanks!
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