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8 Diabetes Facts That Will Teach You Something

mportant Diabetes Facts
Diabetes has gradually become a global problem, In 2016, it was estimated that over 400 million people in the world has diabetes. And on the World Health Day of 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted diabetes as one of the diseases to take note of.
Diabetes, is a medical condition whereby a person has a high level of sugar in the blood. Either because the body doesn’t produce the hormone, insulin that reduces the sugar level (Type 1 diabetes) . Or when the body cells refuse to react to insulin (Type 2 diabetes).
The number of people who have diabetes has been predicted to double in 10 years time. This is a major issue, so I definitely had to write about it. Today, you’ll be learning 8 important diabetes facts and what they can teach you.

Fact 1: Approximately one third of people with diabetes don’t have any idea that they have diabetes.

What can you learn? 

A survey found out that about 33% of people with diabetes don’t know they have the disease. This just shows how important it is to regularly check your sugar level. Visit a health care professional to know if you are at risk of developing full diabetes.

Fact 2: Gestational diabetes is very likely to affect pregnant women.

What can you learn?

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that affects pregnant women. Some women have high blood glucose levels during pregnancy. If you pregnant and with this condition you are likely to have childbirth complications. This fact should teach you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your gestational period.

Fact 3: Type 2 diabetes symptoms are very often unnoticed by patients

What can you learn?

They are many silent symptoms of diabetes that a lot of people would easily ignore. You can get further information about diabetes, including the symptoms, complications and risk factors, from sites like Rolling Paper.
Here are some subtle signs you should note;
• Frequent urination
• Loss of weight
• Blurred vision
• Slow blood clotting
• Fatigue.

Fact 4: Diabetes can lead to serious heart diseases and blindness

What can you learn?

This just emphasizes how serious diabetes can be. It is very essential that you are well aware of all the information regarding diabetes. However, controlling your diabetes by living healthy can lessen risk of getting other diseases.

Fact 5: Diabetes can be prevented by exercising

What can you learn?

WHO recommends about thirty minutes of moderate physical activity to prevent diabetes. Exercising habitually will help to prevent a lot of other diseases too. Please note that Type 1 Diabetes can’t be prevented.

Fact 6: Diabetes Type 2 is treatable

What can you learn?

Although people with Type 1 diabetes, are going to have the disease throughout their lifetime, Type 2 diabetes is very treatable. People who maintained a healthy weight, and good dieting managed to get rid of diabetes symptoms.

Fact 7: You don’t have to be overweight to get diabetes

What can you learn?

Contrary to what many people today think, you don’t have to be overweight or obese to get diabetes. Type 1 diabetes can affect anyone, regardless of your size.

Fact 8: Diabetes is hereditary

What can you learn?

Just like cancer,  your risk of getting diabetes increases when someone in your family has the disease. It is imperative that you know this so you can take adequate preventive measures.
mportant Diabetes Facts
Bottom Line:
Live a healthy life, whether you have diabetes or not. And tell others about it.
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