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5 Best Fitness Workouts For Beginners

Best fitness workouts for beginners
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Do you want to keep fit? There are more than enough exercises that you can actually do to keep fit; you just need to choose the ones that suit you. As a newbie, you should know some of the best fitness workouts for beginners.

Anyway, talking about workouts, I believe a lot of people if not all of us has an idea about some basic workouts. These are probably the ones you learned during your P.E lessons back then. But do you happen to know the best exercises you can do to work out your full body?

Generally, for me, I can say that the best exercise is that which is super easy to learn and can be done to work out and tone your muscles without even using any fancy gym equipment. These exercises are usually simple and can help you fulfill any fitness achievement
you want.


5 Best Fitness Workouts For Beginners

1. Push-ups

Best fitness workouts for beginners

Doing some push-ups might seem to be a little bit old school, but it can be quite effective. Of course, there is a reason why this is always introduced to us in early stages.

It is quite effective since it targets different muscles in different parts of your body but focusing more on your core, triceps and the chest. It is estimated that you can lift about 60% of your body weight when doing a push-up.

You need to have in mind that push-ups can also be done in many different variations. Thus you will need to pick one that you are comfortable with. Just ensure that you do incorporate some push-up in your workout routine.

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2. Squats

Best fitness workouts for beginners

Do you want an exercise that will work out your lower body? Try to do some squats. This classic lifting workout will directly have some impact on your hamstrings, glutes, and hips.

Well, it doesn’t just stop at that, doing some squats will also help in strengthening your core indirectly. If you want to make the maximum out of this simple exercise, you can go ahead and include some weights too.

Doing squats with weights also helps in working out the upper body and just like that, you might just be doing a full body workout. Most people, especially the beginners usually do a mistake by often working out their upper body and forgetting about the lower body.

Well, a good exercise should be targeting the whole of your body and squats just happen to be one of the exercises that do that.

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3. Lunges

No exercise really works out your lower body better than making the lunges. This simple exercise does more than just to keep you fit. It is an excellent exercise for working out your hamstrings, glutes and the quadriceps.

If you want to make it even more effective, you can do it while holding a dumbbell in both your hands. Like Push-ups, lunges can also be done in many variations, but the traditional or the most common one includes staying in one position and work out each leg in different turns.

You can always pick a target, maybe a few yards away and lunge towards it and back. This way, you can work both your legs and stay fit as you’ve always wanted. You can click here and see how to do it.

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4. Pike Roll-out

Back in 2010, certain research was done, and out of the 10 tested exercises, the pike roll-out exercise proved to be the most effective when it comes to working the core muscles. It is without doubt one of the best fitness workouts for beginners, because, doing this exercise is quite simple.

You only need to get a Swiss ball or a stability ball as known by some. Assume the push-up position and place your feet on the ball and then start by lifting your butt up in the air just over the torso using the core muscles.

This will be the pike part. The roll-out part is when you will be bringing your body down and moving your legs along over the ball until it is beneath your knees and your arms are stretched out. Well, this might get a bit challenging, but it sure is a better combination for working out your core muscles.


5. The clean and jerk

Have you ever wondered why this is constantly being used at the Olympics as the main exercise to test your strength? Of course, it’s simply because it works out different muscles in your body.

It can also be used to test the endurance level of an individual. For the professionals, they can be able to do this exercise with a single complex lift but can also be done separately as advised for the beginners.

This exercise will work on your back, quadriceps, biceps, hamstrings, and your calves among others. Well, it doesn’t matter what part of your body you are targeting, this exercise can really be effective if included in your routine.

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God has already given you a great body, all you need to do is just to maintain it. Maintaining the body includes doing a few things, and one of them is doing some exercise. There are a lot of exercises that you can do to keep fit, and it is up to you to find out the combination that will be the best workout for you and keep that body in perfect shape.



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