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7 Effective Sports & Fitness Smartphone Apps

Fitness Smartphone Apps
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The smartphone, the little device that gives you more than you expect, can be used in many areas. The benefit you can derive from the applications inside it, its resources and as well as the Internet can give you free or cheap but effective services.

From these areas: health, sport and fitness, keep the body at its best and move the geeks periodically so as not to weaken and wither. With the smartphone you do not have to register in a gym or use a professional personal trainer who tells you how to exercise, every exercise, there are applications that provide this and more, just put it in front of you and wait for its instructions, it is like your coach you are suing whenever you want. Just as some cool fitness gadgets help you get fit, smartphone fitness apps can also do the same.

Today, in this highly beneficial article, we will be looking at some of the distinctive phone applications (for Android and iPhone), specialized in the field of fitness and exercise, and show some of its advantages and strengths, so we.


7 Effective Sports & Fitness Smartphone Apps

Fitness Smartphone Apps

1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

This application is one of the most popular applications in the application market – Google Play, which has been well known and has many positive ratings. It was evaluated by half a million users at an average of 4.8.

The application, as it is known, challenges you to continue exercising for a full month. Every day you have to finish your duties, which will give you the details. First, you choose between doing all-around exercises for all body natures, then you choose the plan (easy – medium – difficult) and then start following the instructions.

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Each exercise is explained initially with a cartoon animation, a link to a video on YouTube explaining this exercise, and then start and follow the exercises one by one according to what the application says, which tries to step in the difficult exercise with the days.

2. Passion 4 Profession

In a single frame. They also have a YouTube channel that specializes in fitness. More than 2 million users are involved. They offer videos that act as virtual simulators for the personal trainer. For the same content.

The channel is characterized by that every training is presented in front of you in a moving three-dimensional, you only watch and tradition until it stops and you stop then follow the rest of the exercises and learn to watch.

The app features new content every month, and some challenges can be done and complete plans to follow for weeks or a specified period, and other features.


3. 7 Minute Workout

This application is not very different from the above. It provides the previous characteristics with the ability to control the time of each exercise and rest time. It follows the seven-minute strategy to exercise every day. You start the cycle that lasts during the month and starts watching the exercises, the video of each exercise before you begin to understand and absorb it. This application is a smart way to gain muscle and lose fat, you should download it.

The application has been admired by editors in the Google Apps Marketplace, and it is a very popular application and loads in the Google Play apps market.

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4. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

This application is similar to the previous one in the name, but there is a fundamental difference that this application allows sharing achievements with friends and posing challenges with others. It is like a small social network that brings you together with your friends.

The application offers several features to stimulate and encourage continuity. This is an important feature in this type of application because many want and start but little continues and completes. This app is also available for both Android and iPhone and has gained high ratings in the iPhone application market.


5. Home Workout

It is also one of the applications that have received a lot of uploads and evaluations. The number of users who evaluated the application in the PlayStation market has reached half a million, and the average rating is 4.8.

The application presents time-based challenges, the four-week challenge, the 10-week challenge, etc., is characterized by a beautiful and tidy interface, and the design of days and weeks is different from the rest. The training plan can be defined from the supply and focus on specific areas or on the body as a whole. Choose the level as well and begin the training as instructed and instructed.


6. Keep Trainer

What is unique about this application is that there is renewed content being added periodically, the possibility of participating in any new training program and entering the challenge. In fact, the application contains more than 400 different exercises covering most sections and types. Sharing their achievements or any other content that others can see.

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The application features a beautiful interface, clear videos for more than 100 training by professional experts, and provides good statistics to measure your progress in detail.


7. JEFIT Workout Tracker

This application provides a large database of various exercises, both those performed at home without any tools or those performed in the gym through the tools and equipment allocated. There are many forms (ready) that can be started and tried before, or you can You can tailor your own training model or plan, choose what you want from exercises and exercises, and each exercise has its own explanation and video, so you do not need your own instructor to direct your path towards a healthy and strong body.

The application provides a personal page creation service within their own site, through which or through the application you can track your progress and get statistics that reflect your achievement.

Fitness Smartphone Apps

Applications that may not be very different. It is not important to access the best applications, but the most important is the real benefit, and practical start to using any of these applications then you will get real results.



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