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The North America is known for its high placement of beauty standards for just about all ages. That’s why we have eighteen-year-olds waiting for Botox, although they may not have any real wrinkles on their face. It’s a procedure that’s seen as a preventative measure as the fountain of youth. Morally, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you have the cash to back it up. But as mentioned later in the article, Botox treatment is not a one-time thing. It’s something you have to maintain yearly so your skin doesn’t sag and so you continue looking as fresh as you did when you first got it. 

Where Botox comes from

Botox originally originates from a bacteria called Botulinum toxin. Botox is just one of the generic brand name uses for it. A doctor named Dr. Richard Clay discovered its uses for reducing lines in the forehead in around 1987 and since then, it has rampantly caught on. The type of Botox that this was called BTX-A. There are several types of Botoxes, variations in the proteins of the bacterial that it comes from that scientists uses to identify it. 

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to get Botox. Usually, it is known for its treatment for fixing wrinkles in the upper part of the face, and although not expensive, the upper class and celebrities are known for getting it. However, with the existence of things such as Groupon deals, it is nearly accessible to everyone. There is risk as there are to every medical procedure, but they are low in comparison and don’t happen often, making it a fairly safe procedure. 

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Medical purposes for Botox

The other reasons people use Botox are medical. If they need some muscles tightened- say, their eyes roll in their heads too much or their bladders or overactive, they may resort to Botox. Another thing its used for is for incurably bad body odor, as a last resort. It is injected into the armpit region and has the ability to stop bad body order from ravishing an individual. There are all studies, although not extensive, that have proven that some botox has been shown to help individuals suffering from depression. And finally, and this is a pretty known one, there are people that use Botox to stop chronic migraines. There’s something about the injection site of where the Botox is put that just ceases the migraines in several months for individuals that have problems with migraines. This goes to show that is it goes far beyond cosmetic use, although that it is what we have known about it for the most part. 

Commercial use 

But of course, more commercially, its known for its contributions to beauty, both men and women alike. Teenagers can also get it, with a signed waiver from their parents, if they think they are going to develop troubling wrinkles in a certain spot of their face. While it’s true- some kids do tend to age faster, we do have to question the morality of wondering how young is too young to allow plastic surgery on someone’s face?

The thing about Botox is that it doesn’t last long. You have to keep getting it every six months or so, depending on the elasticity of your skin, to make sure that it holds. You have to be sure that you keep maintenance with a doctor you trust, otherwise you risk getting a botched job and looking like Renee Zellweger did and not looking like yourself. The whole point of getting a good Botox job is to look like you, but a younger, refreshed version of yourself.

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Men and Botox

As mentioned above, women are not the only ones who are privy to getting Botox. A great deal of men struggle with the pressure to look good and stay young-looking, especially if they’re trying to attract young women. Botox makes this possible. It eliminates their crow’s feet and smoothens out their forehead lines so they seem a lot younger than they are.

Difference between fillers and Botox

A lot of misinformed people think that fillers and Botox are the same, although they are actually quite different. The intended effect may be relatively the same, in the sense that fillers and Botox are trying to make an individual look younger and add beauty to one’s original beauty. But the difference is that Botox is better at diminishing wrinkles at the first top third of the face while fillers are used to relieve sunken areas of the face, fill in lines that have dropped, and added, while Botox simply tightens. One needs to be informed of the type of treatment they are seeking and do their research beforehand, otherwise they may be very upset at the results they get afterwards. If they do their research properly and go to a consultation, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have a terrific experience. 

Should you get Botox? Pros and Cons

If you’re deciding whether or not you should get Botox, the thing to consider is that it is the most cost-effective it has ever been now in society than it has ever been. The cons are that you could experience some light side effects, such as unintended paralysis of the face muscles, muscle weakness, it could be hard to swallow, and you can develop some flu-like symptoms, but these will all go away within a week or so if you are one of the few people to develop these. These are light side-effects in comparison to the outcome you will get, a new, lovely looking face with less lines that will sure bring in more compliments. So objectively speaking, Botox right now is a self-alternative to other plastic surgeries that you only need to maintain once a year. 

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