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Top 10 Healthy Ways To Grow Your Eyelashes

Healthy ways to grow your eyelashes
Written by Collins Nwokolo

If you know someone with long, beautiful eyelashes, then you will agree with me that eyelashes have an incredible way of transforming your face.

Shiny, full, and long eyelashes can make your face beautiful. Long eyelashes can also mean a sign of good health. Many women have used eyelash extensions and different ways to grow their eyelashes. However, the best way is always the healthy way. So today, you will get to find out the healthy ways to grow your eyelashes.

Now, if you are worried about why your eyelashes are not growing, you will find out reasons why your eyelashes are not getting longer. You know what? Let’s begin with that.

Reasons why you don’t have long eyelashes

Healthy ways to grow your eyelashes

Some factors could cause your eyelashes not to grow and even fall off. Some of these factors will be discussed below:

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a disease condition that causes sudden hair loss. It usually affects the scalp but can also occur on any other hair-bearing skin in the body.

In alopecia areata, the immune system fights against the hair follicles, and they begin to fall out. Some people have it in their eyelashes, scalp, or beard. It could be a reason why you do not have long eyelashes.

Poor nutritional intake

When you are nutritionally deficient, your hair growth will be very minimal.

Deficiency of some vital vitamins will result in hair loss, which includes hair in the eyebrow and eyelashes.

Menopause and aging

Loss of estrogen due to menopause might destroy hair follicles. Aging also causes loss of hair in the eyelashes.

10 Healthy Ways to Grow Your Eyelashes

Healthy ways to grow your eyelashes

Here are 10 effective ways you can get fuller, shinier, and healthier eyelashes:

1. Use castor oil

Castor oil contains essential fatty acids that nourish your hair and makes it grow longer and thicker. Castor oil nourishes the hair follicles when it is used along with essential oils like rosemary oil or lavender oil. It becomes m more potent because these essential oils contain antioxidants to enhance and sustain healthy lash growth.

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You can use castor oil for eyelash growth by gently applying it on your eyes with a cotton swab every night.

However, no solid scientific evidence suggests castor oil helps in growing your eyelashes.

2. Use an eyelash growth serum

Although many don’t know it, you can use eyelash growth serums to increase the length of your eyelashes. Many people are still skeptical about using it because they don’t know how eyelash growth serums work.

Well, the ingredients in this growth serum are combined in specific proportions to create a mixture that improves the fullness, appearance, and beauty of your eyelashes. They work together to maintain and strengthen lashes, making them less likely to break or fall out.

They contain vitamins that boost the lashes and protect your natural lashes from external factors that could affect them.

There are very few FDA-approved eyelash growth serums, so be careful when purchasing one.

3. Use green tea

Another natural way to increase eyelash length is by making use of green tea. Tentative scientific research suggests that green tea improves hair growth. Drinking green tea is a great way to use it.

Alternatively, you can also use green tea externally to improve your eyelash length. To do this, soak a cotton swab in green tea and gently pat it on your eyelashes every night.

4. Massage your eyelids

Massaging your eyelids is another healthy way to grow your eyelashes. It increases blood supply to the hair follicles.

More blood supply to your hair follicles will lead to more nutrients reaching the hair follicles, and then, your lashes grow faster.

If you want to massage your eyelids, wash your hands first. Use your fingertips to massage your eyelids, download to your eyelash line. Be gentle and do it in small circular motions. Do this for a few minutes each day, and you will see results in months.

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5. Eat healthy foods that promote hair growth

Some nutritional deficiencies can lead to poor hair growth. So if you are looking for healthy ways to grow your eyelashes, you should eat healthy foods that promote hair growth. What are the healthy foods that promote hair growth?

Start with staying hydrated always and drinking plenty of water.

Eat fresh fruits like oranges and guava, which contain vitamin C, and prevent breakage.

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and fresh fish, promote the growth of full, radiant hair.

Vegetables contain vitamin A, iron, beta-carotene, folate, and vitamin C, which all give you strong, healthy hair.

Healthy Ways To Grow Your Eyelashes

6. Be gentle when handling or cleaning your eyelashes

The skin around the eyelash area is very delicate. Hence, when handling your eyelashes, be very gentle with the area around your eye because it is very easy to break off eyelashes.

Don’t try to rub or scrub the area around your eyes. Instead, you should pat around the eyes. This is a much safer way to ensure your eyelashes do not fall off. If you are removing your makeup, do it slowly and use a gentle makeup remover for your eyes.

Avoid rubbing your eyes too hard while cleaning your makeup.

7. Use shea butter

Shea butter contains an abundant amount of healthy nutrients, including vitamin A and vitamin E. This makes shea butter a good source for improving hair texture and quality. It nourishes the hair and hair follicles and also enhances hair growth.

To use shea butter to grow your eyelashes, you will need to buy pure organic shea butter.

Then at night, before going to bed, take a very small amount of shea butter in between your fingertips, and rub your fingertips together to make it softer.

Apply this on your eyelashes. Keep doing it continuously every night.

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8. Use olive oil

Olive oil is a natural remedy for increasing your eyelash growth. Just like castor oil, use olive oil by gently applying it on your lashes every night. You can also use castor oil and olive oil together.

9. Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a good emollient. It soothes the skin and increases blood flow. When pure petroleum jelly is used on lashes regularly, it will lead to the rapid growth of the lashes. Petroleum jelly also makes them thicker and more robust.

10. Remove your makeup before sleeping

It is critical to remove your makeup before sleeping, even if you want to sleep during the day.

Leaving mascara on when you are asleep will dry out your eyelashes and cause them to break and fall out.

If you go to sleep with makeup, it can cause skin irritation.

Things you should not do if you want to grow your eyelashes

Don’t use waterproof mascara.

Waterproof mascaras are popular today. However, using them could be doing your eyelashes more harm than good. They contain chemicals that irritate the eyelashes.

Don’t use someone’s makeup.

Don’t make use of another person’s makeup. It is unhealthy.

Don’t use eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions have been becoming increasingly popular. However, if they are used frequently, they could harm your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions contain powerful adhesives. If they are misapplied, they pull out your natural lashes when they eventually fall off.


So these are the top healthy ways to grow your eyelashes. Adhering to them will give you not just long, shiny eyelashes but also a healthy ones!


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