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How to Convert Your Bathroom into a Resting Oasis to Heal Your Mind and Body

Written by Collins Nwokolo

While eating healthy and exercising will take care of your well being, there is also another factor people tend to forget – the home. Not feeling comfortable in your own home can start annoying you, which will only add to your daily stress and raise cortisol levels. But renovating is expensive and sometimes takes a lot of time that you simply might not have to spare because of other obligations.

However, you don’t have to makeover the whole home, but rather do some decluttering and leave big renovations for one room at the time. And the first one on the remodeling list should be your bathroom as a place where you pamper yourself with warm baths and serene ambiance. Therefore, with that in mind, here is how to convert your bathroom into a resting oasis to heal your mind and body.


Choose the Best Possible Bathtub

The moment you see a standalone tub a thought “my space” pops in your mind. This is because having one will be a nice addition to the resting oasis you are building in your bathroom. They come in all sizes and shapes, which makes their price vary, but you will also need space to install one. But if your bathroom is not big enough for standalone bathtub, a standard one will do just fine with some modifications.

First of all, remove the shower curtain and use glass walls instead, which will make your tub more elegant and serene. Make sure to add enough room between the wall and the tub so you can place a glass of wine there and scented candles for the full wellness appeal. There is even an option to turn your bathtub into a Jacuzzi and have your private spa at your home. You can also add some exquisite home appliances to your bathroom, to make it look unique. However, keep in mind that home appliances can break down or develop faults. That being said, you can protect your appliances from breakages by investing in a home warranty plan. First American Home Warranty is one of the best home warranty companies in Missouri and offers quality services so do check out their website if you would like further information.

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Bring in the Light

Natural light is the best friend of décor, and all designers highlight the importance of adding as much sunlight to the space as possible. If there is a possibility to keep the view over gorgeous landscapes and preserve your privacy, then, by all means, use that to your advantage. Or, if that is not an option, you can at least let natural light through the tainted glass windows or curtains. Unfortunately, not every bathroom is blessed with windows and sources of natural light, so homeowners need to be creative.

There is a wide range of artificial lighting available on the market that will truly bring out the tranquility and spa elements from your bathroom. Warm and dimmed lights are perfect to set a relaxing mood while cold or bright white will mimic daylight. Thanks to modern technology, you can even use remote controllers to set the brightness or turn the lights on and off for the ultimate comfort.

Don’t Be Modest with Vanity and Mirror

A resting oasis is not only about the huge bathtub, but also to provide you enough room to feel comfortable. This is why it is important to choose a vanity with a huge mirror that gives you enough room for your beauty routines. The ideal solution is to install two sinks for you and your partner for the enhanced commodity and enough room to not get into each other’s space and products.

You can keep sinks on one side, and leave a special space to put on makeup or style your hair. Add a comfortable chair so you can sit down and take your time getting ready for a night out, or to put on body lotion after bath.

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There Is No Oasis without Nature

Plants are an integral part of getting your resting oasis. Many wonderful and gorgeous plants like high-humidity areas. Lush plants like bamboo, aloe vera, snake plant, and Boston fern are easy to take care of and will bring just enough greenery to revive the space. Orchids are tropical plants which gained a reputation of being difficult to cultivate. However, the humidity and warmth of the bathroom agree with them; just place your plant away from direct sunlight and watch it bloom.

However, if you lack conditions for real plants, there is nothing wrong with using artificial ones. Find the best-crafted ones and place them around your bathroom. You can also add some flowery arrangements on the vanity or windowsill. And the best thing is that you don’t have to fertilize them or water them, but only wash them under the shower to remove the dust.


Be Creative with Tiles

While mono-color tiles never go out of fashion, you can make your bathroom more intriguing by introducing new patterns. Monochrome Arabic tiles are ideal for installing in your bathroom floors to bring stylishness and subtle decoration into your resting oasis. When it comes to walls, it all depends on the size of your bathroom and how much light it is exposed to.

Neutral colors are always the best solution if you are unsure or afraid to experiment. Pastel pink and green are peaceful tones that will create a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. However, you can use a different set of tiles in the shower stall or bathtub to visually accent that spot as the ultimate wellness sanctuary.

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Go for a Custom made a Shower Stall

Manufactured shower stalls are, in most cases, cheaper and require less work to install, but they are all the same. On the other hand, if you install a custom made shower stall designed according to your wishes, you will create an enjoyable décor. You can decide on the smallest of details, like how the shower door will open and how many people should the stall fit.

And the ideas are limitless. For example, pebbled wall and rain shower will make you feel as though you are under a waterfall. There is also an option to add a steam generator and easily turn your shower stall into a luxurious sauna. Also, consider installing sidewall showerheads, which are great for massaging and releasing tension in your tired muscles.


Final Thoughts

When you decide to convert your bathroom into a resting oasis, keep in mind that you might face some limitations, like budget and size of space. However, there is always an alternative that can turn out to be even better than your initial idea. But once everything is done, you will have a peaceful place to heal your mind and body from everyday stress and recharge your energy levels. You should be willing to learn about some affordable home decor ideas.

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