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15 Crucial Election Safety Tips You Must Know

15 Crucial Election Safety Tips
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The General elections in Nigeria are around the corner, and you are probably concerned about the safety of you and your family. Here are some election safety tips, that should keep you safe during the election.

Election periods are usually full of violence, curfews and political assassinations.

This February 2019, Nigerians will go to the polls to vote for the country’s next president, parliament and state governors. Elections in Nigeria have historically been tensed, and as the election day looms, there are growing concerns about the risk of violence in this year’s election.


15 Election Safety Tips You Should Know

15 Crucial Election Safety Tips

Elections are usually important all around the world and can be tumultuous. Hence, it is vital that you know these safety tips during elections.

1. Don’t stay late at night

During the election period, it is imperative that you, finish up all you have to do before it becomes late. Before 6 pm you should be on your way home. Don’t attend any parties, meetings or religious program that will keep you outside for too long. It is very likely that curfews will be imposed in some areas, so never stay out late.

2. Don’t stay in volatile places

Avoid staying in places that are prone to violence this election period especially if you’re not from there. Move to somewhere where you are familiar with and stay there for the meantime.

3. Don’t engage in political arguments in public

If you are a member of one particular political party and there is an argument about another political party, you should not engage in the argument. Especially when it is in a public place if the argument becomes heated, a fight could ensue, and you could be harmed.

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4. Avoid large crowds or groups of People

It is imperative that you steer clear of any undefined, large crowd or group of people. Switch lanes when you see a large crowd coming. Avoid groups of who delight in analysing political issues, arguments in public.

5. Listen to news regularly

And great way to be security conscious during the election period is to always stay up to date with new developments. You can do this is by listening to the news regularly. Follow the news on your phone, on your radio and watch the television. This will help you to follow up in case any curfew period has been announced.

If the election is for the homeowners association, you can find out if there are reputable HOA election inspectors present at the voting centers.

6. Hold enough cash

Before the election, you should withdraw enough cash and keep in-hand in case the ATMs near you isn’t working. This will save you the stress of going far to withdraw money and buying things.

7. Stock up on food items

Store at least one week’s supply of food and water in case markets and stores don’t open, or you can’t go out.
Opt for non-perishable foods, vegetables and healthy fruits. You can cook and store foods in the fridge, so you won’t have to go to the market regularly.

8. Stock up on fuel

Make sure your generators and cars are filled with enough fuel that can last you for a few days. In case any emergency emerges, you need to be able to drive. Also, your generator needs to be filled with fuel too because they might be poor electricity.

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9. Find out the local security groups around you

Seek out the local security groups around you and have their contact. Get to know a few people in the vigilantes and police stations near you in case you need their help.

15 Crucial Election Safety Tips

Election Safety Tips

10. Go home after casting your vote

Once you finish casting your vote, head home, don’t stay back to discuss any political matters, don’t tell anyone who you voted for and don’t try to involve yourself in any extra activities.

11. Try not to wear campaign clothes

If possible, avoid putting on campaign caps, wrist bands, shirts and stickers. It could make you an easy target for an opposition political party.

12. Keep your doctor’s number handy

You may want to keep the phone numbers of any medical professional handy during the election period. This will help you to call them whenever you need medical advice during the election period.

13. Keep your properties safe

If you have expensive items in your shop, keep them home with you. Park your vehicles in safe areas; it is preferable to park them inside the walls of your compound and away from the roads.

14. Stay in touch with your loved ones

Make sure your phones are on, and your phone lines are available at all times. Contact your loved ones to find out how they are doing and if they need your help.

15. Celebrate in a peaceful manner

If the person who you desire wins the election, you should celebrate your victory peacefully and civilly.
Don’t go outside jubilating and breaking properties.

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Please, it would be best if you take these election safety tips seriously. You and your family will be secure and happy during the elections if you follow these helpful security tips for election periods.

Remember, you will remain healthy when you prioritise your safety!

Originally written by Collins Nwokolo.



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