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11 Prevalent Myths About Hair You Need to Know

11 Prevalent Myths About Hair
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Everyone needs luscious and healthy hair. Many people are very confused about what to do with their hair and what not to do with their hair. The reason is because, there is much true and false information circulated on the internet. Here are the most common myths about hair, which are rumored wrongly everywhere.


11 Myths about Hair You Need To Know

11 Prevalent Myths About Hair


1. If you need to grow thick and strong hair, just cut it down

This myth about hair growth is in the mind of many young people, and this is totally false.

This myth goes with them as they age. No evidence support that cutting down hair makes the hair thicker, longer and shinier.

When you cut your hair, it only removes the breakage hair and split end which is good for hair health. And this helps to make the hair grow faster.

For faster growth, you need to take a balanced diet or take food hair supplements. Regarding food supplements for hair growth, there are many nutrients like vitamins, biotin, zinc, and iron which nourish the hair and help in growth.



2. When you pluck your gray hair, it increases more

Many people face grey hair, and they have two options only – pluck it or ignore it.

It is a belief that when you pluck the hair from scalp much more gray hair grows.

Many researchers say that it is a myth and there is no harm in plucking the gray hair.

An activity of plucking hair removes the gray hair from your scalp on a temporary basis. This is still alive in the hair follicle. So when you pluck one gray hair, then a new hair replaces it. It also not affects the surrounding hair follicles.

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3. Hair Gets Damage by Using Towel

It is true that when your hair is wet and is rubbed vigorously, then hair damage can occur. But normally it does not happen in dry hair as well as in wet hair.

Rubbing anything can cause damage.
When the hair is dry and hard friction between the hairs may cause split ends or knotting. It is advisable to always be gentle with your hair.


4. Oily Hair Needs Shampoo Daily

This is a myth. Shampoo helps to clean the dirt from hair and make the hair structure good. If you are struggling with oily hair, then the best way is to use jojoba oil, as it helps the hair follicles to regulate oil production.



5. The more often you comb your hair, the more healthy it will be

There are many movies where ladies brush their hair every time. And it gives an impression in the mind of the many people that it makes their hair healthy and it becomes shinier and softer. But many researchers prove that excessive brushing causes hair fall and there is also no value of brushing hair more than you already do.
Brushing every time, damage the hair cuticle. Brushing your hair too much can result in hair falling out and breakage.


11 Prevalent Myths About Your Hair

6. Hair gel/wax makes you bald

Baldness happens due to hereditary not the cause of using hair gel. Today in the market many hair products are available which are good for hair. Yes, there are certain chemicals which dry the hair and cause damage but not up to the extent to reach a baldness stage.

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7. Hair loss mostly happens due to the genes inherited from the mother

Around 70 to 80 percent of baldness happens due to genetics. It is not entirely true that the mother’s gene is responsible for hair loss.

According to the new fewer studies proves that the primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome, which men get only from their mothers as there are many other factors too.

Research also suggests that men who have a bald father are more likely to develop male pattern baldness.


8. Wearing a hat regularly, strains the hair follicles which causes hair loss

This is totally untrue. Hair follicle doesn’t get damaged while wearing a hat every time.

When there is a dirty hat, then it can lead to infection of the scalp which turns into hair loss, but this usually doesn’t happen.


11 Prevalent Myths About Your Hair

9. When your start balding, you are getting old

Hair loss can happen with anyone at any stage of life. When you take precaution earlier then it will not affect your hair entirely.

As today many people ignore the hair loss and in a later stage, they become bald. Baldness can be cured with hair transplant and get good results as there are two methods such as FUT and FUE. Mainly the doctor prefers to choose FUE hair transplant because it provides great results.


10. Dandruff occurs due to dry scalp

Dandruff happens due to a fungus named Malassezia. This fungus usually grows in an oily environment, thus, there is no relation with dry scalp.

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Dandruff can be cured by using an anti-dandruff shampoo.



11. Your hair will develop product Immunity’ if you use the same hair conditioner and Shampoo.

No, it’s a myth. As your hair is dead and using any kind of products your hair does not know.

It is seen that when you use any hair product first time they you feel that the shampoo is good and when you use it many times, but after a certain period of days, you find that the shampoo is not suited well for your hair.
There are many things which depend on your head.


These are the some of the most common myths about hair you should know  I hope they help you find out how to care for your hair better.



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