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4 Essential Vitamins That You Should Be Taking 

Essential vitamins you should be taking
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Our bodies require a certain amount of minerals and vitamins to function. And with today’s busy lifestyles here in the west, our modern poor food choices can make it challenging to get all of the nutrients you need.

For example, most people have to work for 8 hours on an average day. And during the time before and after your scheduled workday, you may be cramming for time just to get dressed and to work on time. In fact, you may not even have enough time to grab a piece of toast on your way out of the door. 

So how can you ensure that you’re getting your daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients? The answer is to avoid poor food choices in order to reduce a lack of nutrients.

Though there are several vitamins you should be getting for proper nutrition daily; poor food choices can cause a vitamin deficiency. And in the following, we’ll explore four essential vitamins that you should consider taking on a daily basis. 

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is what helps our bones absorb calcium. And you need a supportive amount of Vitamin D to help support your bones, teeth, and muscles.

Most people are aware that Vitamin D is often known as the “sunshine vitamin,” and this is because you can normally get your daily allotment of Vitamin D from just 15 minutes of sunlight exposure. However, during the winter months, or if you live in the far north where the sun isn’t always shining, you need to avoid poor food choices that may result in a lack of nutrients.

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Additionally, as many Americans make poor food choices out of convenience during a busy work week, these poor food choices can cause a lack of nutrients over time. As such, taking a Vitamin D supplement is often recommended in order to support a sufficient amount of Vitamin D for healthy teeth, bones, and muscles.

2. Magnesium 

Another important vitamin that we all need for bone health and energy conversion is magnesium. And this mineral has many additional benefits as well. 

Magnesium is considered an essential nutrient. This means that we must acquire it from food or supplements. However, a surprising amount of people don’t get enough magnesium in their diet. As such, it’s important to ensure that you’re eating the right foods which contain high amounts of magnesium.

A few foods that are rich in magnesium are as follows: 

  • Soybeans 
  • Artichoke 
  • Spinach 
  • Pumpkin
  • Beans 
  • Tofu
  • Brown rice
  • Nuts

The recommended daily allotment of magnesium varies by body weight. As such, it’s best to consult a nutritionist in order to understand which amount of the mineral is right for you to help support your nutritional needs. 

3. Zinc

Zinc can be one of the best minerals for the elderly and for anyone who is regularly exposed to high levels of stress. And this is because zinc works to support the immune system as well as aid in the healing process when we injure ourselves. 

The one thing that you need to remember about zinc is that our bodies cannot store the mineral, and most Americans don’t get enough zinc from a common diet. This is why zinc supplements are often recommended. 

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A few foods rich in zinc are as follows: 

  • Oysters
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Wheat germ
  • Spinach
  • Brown rice
  • Sardines  

Zinc is also supportive of our body’s ability to convert food into energy. And this is why zinc is often among the top 5 recommended minerals that all humans need for optimal health and nutrition. 

4. Iron

Iron helps your body to support brain function and to help produce healthy red blood cells. In addition to supporting a healthy energy level, iron is also necessary for growth and development, which is why diets high in iron are often recommended for children and teens. 

Iron is often found in large quantities in red meat, and those who eat red meat regularly typically get enough iron. However, many people choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and are unable to acquire as much iron. And for these groups, iron supplements are often recommended in order to get a proper daily allotment. 

Everyone’s body is different. But we all need a certain amount of vitamins each day in order to support a health-friendly lifestyle. And by ensuring that you’re getting enough vitamins in your diet or in the form of supplements, you’ll be able to support your health and take advantage of the benefits of a healthy life. 


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