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Fat Freezing – A Safer Alternative to Liposuction

Fat freezing
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Fat freezing (formally known as cryolipolysis) is fast becoming one of the most popular treatments for body sculpting and fat loss in the cosmetic and medical industry. Fat freezing or coolsculpting is a safe and effective way to permanently destroy and remove fat cells from the body. Unlike liposuction, there is no blood, no needles, and no risky anesthetics. Fat freezing is generally much less expensive than liposuction treatment, and the treatment is a walk-in walk-out scenario requiring no time off work or recovery period.

The process of fat freezing – requires the application of specific handles or plates to the area of the body where the excess fat cells are. These plates or handles then cool the tissue to temperatures of -9* to -12* C over the course of 30-60 minutes.

Throughout this process, the fat cells are damaged – and in the weeks to follow – the body’s natural immune system recognizes that these cells are not able to be repaired and so it expels these cells through the natural lymphatic system. The clinical trials from 2014 – showed an average of 26% reduction of the fat cells in the treated area (under ultrasound review). Since then, further advances in equipment and the treatment régimes indicate a loss of 30- 40% of the fat cells in the treated area.

With fat freezing – there is no anesthetic or need to puncture the skin to remove the fat cells hence the safety profile of this permanent fat loss, body shaping and coolsculpting solution. The treatment takes 60 minutes while the client lays on the bed with no need for sedation or pain relief. After treatment, clients can return to normal activities (work and exercise), with no time needed for recovery.

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Fat freezing is suitable for men and women. Clients who fall within a normal, overweight to even obese basil metabolic index (BMI) are suitable for fat freezing treatments. Clients who are underweight will also see a benefit from fat freezing because the use of plates or handles allows the clinician to target areas that are the heaviest. Underweight clients can still have excess fat cells in particular areas of their bodies and benefit from the targeted fat loss approach.

Fat freezing

The most common questions regarding fat freezing that we hear are:

1) Is fat freezing permanent?

Yes. Our bodies are naturally at 37*C, so the application of cool temperature to the specific areas for the prolonged period causes damage to the fat cells without damaging the skin. These fat cells are then recognized by the body’s immune cells (white blood cells) as damaged beyond repair – and so these immune cells set to rid the body of these.

2) How long before I will see results?

The clinical evidence says that it takes up to 16 weeks to see the maximum effects of fat freezing. This is because our bodies rely on the natural processes of the immune system to rid the body of the cells. That said – we have seen results in as little as 6 days on our clients. As each person has a different metabolism and each body behaves differently to the trauma – generally, we suggest 12 weeks is the normal time to see the full extent of the fat freezing results.

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3) How much weight will I lose with fat freezing?

Generally, weight loss is not a measurable outcome of fat freezing. Due to the large fluctuations that food, hormones, and fluid can cause, we generally rely on photos and body circumference measurements to indicate the change in shape with fat freezing?

4) How many handles/sessions/treatments will I need?

This always depends on what your starting size is, what your desired outcomes are, and if the machine is medical grade. For a smaller client, sometimes a single handle on a lower abdomen means that they fit back into their jeans, whilst on another client, they may require 4 handles on their abdomen to give a flatter stomach. The quality of fat freezing machines and clinics will also make a huge difference to your desired outcomes. The cheap machines have no feedback mechanisms in their handles and therefore cool too little or too much putting clients at risk of getting little results or potentially skin burns. Therefore it is always important to look out for before and after photos from the clinic you intend on visiting.

5) Will I put on weight after fat freezing?

It is important to remember that fat freezing will only reduce the number of fat cells in the targeted area. Therefore you need to continue to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. If you consume more calories than you need – your body will look to store this excess energy in your remaining fat cells – leading you to put on weight. 

6) Is fat freezing safe?

The main side effects of fat freezing are redness to the area, itchiness and pain, and swelling – but these are usually only temporary. There is no impact on lipid blood levels (cholesterol) or changes to simple blood chemistry after treatment. Fat freezing is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, and there are a variety of medical illnesses that are not suitable for treatment – However, as with all cosmetic treatments, discuss your personal medical history prior to treatment.  

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A word of caution – because fat freezing is permanent – you must make sure you see an experienced clinician who is conservative with your treatments, particularly when it comes to treatment on your face. Double chins are suitable for fat freezing – however, remember you have one body – take care of it. You wouldn’t visit a plastic surgeon without seeing his before and after results, so ensure that your fat freezing clinicians have the experience to ensure you get the body you want.

Author’s Bio:

Linda Tsiokas holds a Bachelor of Nursing Degree,  with many years practice as a Registered Nurse (from 1994 -2007) established Australia’s first Fat freezing Specialized clinic in Melbourne – Beautiful Body Clinics Fat Freezing Specialists, afterexperiencing the life-changing results personally of fat freezing (also called cryoliploysis or
Coolsculpting). Passionate about helping women and men find their Beautiful Bodies – Linda recognizes that diet and exercise sometimes are sometimes not enough and do not give us the
body that we want or deserve. Fat freezing is a safe effective and permanent fat loss solution.
Linda can be reached at

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