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How Females Can Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

How females can get rid of unwanted body
Written by Collins Nwokolo

As it is a habit for every one of us to brush our teeth in the morning, so for a modern woman it is just, as usual, to get rid of unwanted body hair. Women remove hair from the legs, thighs, groin, underarms, and when the symptoms of hirsutism occur from the hands, chin and upper lip.

One of the most popular ways to remove hair among modern girls was to remove it with an epilator. The principle of epilators is simple: with the help of movable metal plates that form tweezers, hairs are pulled out from the root. As a rule, modern epilators have several speeds. The smallest speed is suitable for removing thin and soft hairs by the root since at higher rates they break and break. Top speed is ideal for thick and tough hairs, besides, using this function; you will significantly reduce the time of the procedure.

Unwanted hair on the body ruins the girls’ life considerably. The situation is complicated by the fact that, with all the variety of hair removal options, most of them do not provide the desired long-term results. Besides, many types of hair removal have flaws. Electrolysis is painful, time-consuming, traumatic, and even suffers from possible hyperpigmentation in the treatment areas. Photos, despite the effectiveness and excellent portability, can make a breach in the budget. Well, wax (like other types of bio-epilation), although it pleases with the purity of the effect, it upsets the growing hairs inevitably. The hand and stretches to the good old razor. However, there is another, most reliable way to get rid of unwanted hair forever — or at least for many years. Laser hair removal on the device of a new generation (for example, Light Sheer Duet) is a compromise solution in many ways. Among them: more than tolerable discomfort, reasonable cost and most importantly – 100% result. Get acquainted with our tips to get rid of hair using laser hair removal as quickly and correctly as possible. So how can females get rid of unwanted body hair? Let’s find out.

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How Females Can Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

How females can get rid of unwanted body

1. A couple of hours before the visit (but not earlier, otherwise there is a risk of irritation), completely shave off the hairs on the intended treatment areas. It is to reduce the pain.

2. Pain relief for a similar procedure is not required. Only if you have an extremely low pain threshold, first apply Emla anesthetic ointment to the skin.

3. You should not go for hair removal in a week and during your period. During this time, as you know, the sensitivity increases significantly.

4. Do not go for laser hair removal (as well as many other types of hair removal) if you are going on vacation soon (UV rays can provoke pigmentation). For the same reason, in the next two weeks after the manipulation, it is impossible to go to the solarium.

5. To get rid of hair forever, you will have to make at least four visits to the office of a beautician. The effect in each case is individual but rarely does laser hair removal more than 6-7 times.

6. Show consistency. As a rule, the cosmetologist makes an approximate schedule of your trips to epilation. In this case, the time intervals range from one month to two (at the first visits), which later stretch to several months.

7. Do not be alarmed if, after the third or fourth session, the hair begins to grow with a new force. The fact is that in our body there are so-called “sleeping” follicles, which begin to function under the influence of a laser beam. After neutralization of activated bulbs, only rare residual hairs will have to be “finished off.”

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8. There are two types of attachments for the Light Sheer Duet: small (in case of hair on the face) and large (with an area of ​​coverage of eight square centimeters). Women use it when it is necessary to remove hair from hands, axillae, bikini, legs, etc. By the way, the nozzles of the unit are the vacuum. They attract the skin to the laser lens, allowing the targeted destruction of the hair follicles without the risk of burns.

9. Laser Light Sheer Duet is suitable for skin of any prototype. While the effectiveness of many other devices directly depends on the contrast between skin tone and hair color (the stronger it is, the better).

10. When calculating the cost of the procedure, do not forget that it will also include the price of an individual nozzle, which ensures the hygienic process.

Another method is photo epilation, which appeared relatively recently, allows you to achieve even better results.


Features of the method

Unlike a laser, the application of which is possible not on all parts of the body, and efficiency is maximal only for white skin and black hair, and photo epilation is a universal method that is used to effectively remove hair of different colors in people of any age with varying types of photo.

The cost of each session is calculated based on the amount of work: the thickness of the hair coat, the area of ​​the skin to be affected, i.e., from the required number of pulses. Therefore, with each subsequent session, the cost decreases, since already in the second session, single hairs are destroyed. And at the end of the full course of procedures, you will once and for all get rid of the need to spend money on various devices and means for hair removal, which also give a rather short effect, and it is not always possible to use them.

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