Fabulous Gifts for Your Friend Who Lives Far Away

Fabulous Gifts for Your Friend Who Lives Far Away
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When looking for a brilliant and thoughtful birthday gift for a friend who lives nearby, when you are stuck for ideas and inspiration, it is much simpler to take them shopping for the day and let them choose something they would like.

However, if your friend or even family member lives far away, across a different state, or even overseas, this is far from a practical option. So, continue reading to discover some fabulous gifts for your friend who lives far away.

Custom Photo Mug

Nothing says love and appreciation for your best friend or well-loved family member than a personalised product with either a photograph of you and them together or else a funny quote derived from one of your numerous inside jokes.

The added beauty of choosing to buy a personalised photographic coffee mug is that every single day, your friend will be reminded of how much you love them every time they make a comforting hot beverage.

Latest E-Cigarette Kit

Another fantastic idea for a birthday gift which will make your friend feel appreciated and be able to use it straight away is that of the latest model of either vape pen or box mod e-cigarette kit. 

What is more, if you order the vaping device from a prestigious and reputable online supplier, such as Red Juice, you can have the gift delivered directly to your friend’s door and even hide the details of payment so they can’t see how much you have paid.

Handmade Photo Book

There are a wide plethora of online suppliers who are more than happy for you to upload dozens upon dozens of photographs onto their website for them to automatically place them into a collage-form photo book.

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However, one unfortunate result of the seemingly complete takeover by social media platforms when it comes to the taking and sharing of photographs is that no one these days ever seems to print photographs out and have them as physical copies.

One fun idea for your friend’s birthday, therefore, would be to print out your favourite and most hilarious photographs of the two of you together and place them into an album before posting it off to them in time for their birthday. That way, they can be reminded of all the fun you have together without having to look at their phone or laptop.

A Beautiful Piece of Jewellery

If you are looking for a more sentimental and heartfelt physical birthday gift that doesn’t involve copious photographs, either because you hate having your picture taken or else you simply do not have that many of the pair of you together, then you could consider gifting your friend a beautiful piece of jewellery instead.

For extra thoughtful ‘brownie points,’ you could even have your names placed together as a logo for the necklace, or else have a split heart, one of which you can wear yourself and the other they can wear. This way, even if it is months and months between visits, you will always feel as if they are close to your heart. You can also buy other things for mental health for them.


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