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10 Shocking Health Benefits of Being Left-handed

Health Benefits of Being Left-handed
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Being left-handed has its advantages. However, according to a medical study published in the journal Brain, there may be some medical benefits associated with being left-handed. The study conducted many scans, surveys, and research and discovered that being left-handed could come with some medical advantages. This article discusses some of the possible health benefits of being left-handed.

10 Health Benefits of Being Left-handed

Health Benefits of Being Left-handed

Some studies have shown that they can be some positive aspects to being left-handed. They are:

1. Lefties are better athletes 

A series of studies published in the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports showed that left-handers are much better in sports than right-handed athletes. Left-handed athletes make up approximately 15% of professional tennis players, however, only 11% of the general population. In other sports like boxing, baseball, fencing, table tennis, and specialist batting positions in cricket 30% or more of top players often being left-handed. 

2. Better speakers

Many people believe that this is the reason why more lefties are verbally successful and tend to have a few more oratorical skills than those who are right-handed do. In addition, they are also more creative than their intellectually equal peers, which leads us to our next point.

3. Lefties are more creative

study done with twins shows that left-handed people are 50% more likely to have artistic or musical ability. So, it’s not too far-fetched to say that left-handedness is the key to being a successful artist.

4. They have less risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

As opposed to right-handers, who are at a higher risk of developing this nerve disorder, this common problem is much less likely for left-handers as the nerves in the brain and spinal column are crossed over in such a way that makes it easier for them to avoid experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome.

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5. They are less likely to get arthritis

According to one study, left-handers have the lowest risk of developing arthritis. One theory for this lies in the fact that there is only one dominant hand in left-handed people, which allows them to develop and strengthen bones more effectively. The study also observed a higher level of collagen formation in the hands of lefties, which could be related to this lower incidence of arthritis.

6. They are less likely to suffer from depression

Left-handers are more independent than right-handers, and this may be due to their less developed social skills because they tend to not rely on others for emotional support as much as right-handed people do. Hence, they are less likely to suffer from depression.

7. Greater language learning ability

study conducted thousands of brain scans and sequenced genomes to look for links between genes, brains, and hands. The study found that, in left-handers, the left and right hemispheres had stronger connections in the regions associated with language, which could mean that they have greater language learning ability.

8. Less likely to have allergies and ulcers

study of over a million people stated that left-handed people did not have a health risk disadvantage for allergies and had lower rates of ulcers.

9. Might recover from brain injuries faster

According to a medical study, left-handed people are more like to recover from strokes and other brain-related injuries faster than right-handed people.

10. Process multiple stimuli faster

Another study conducted in 2006, found out that lefties are faster than right-hand dominant people when it comes to processing multiple stimuli.

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Bottom Line

Although left-hand dominant people represent only a small percent of the human population, they have some advantages based on medical studies. These health benefits of being left-handed discussed above should make you appreciate your left-handedness more.


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