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7 Super-Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Organic Tea

Health benefits of organic tea
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Tea is a refreshment beverage that gives an enriching experience to many people in the morning. One of the most ancient beverages has been a part of many people’s lives for a long time. With the rise in organic farming, organic teas have made their way to our kitchen shelves. You might have heard many people recommending organic teas, but ever wondered what are some potential health benefits of consuming organic teas?

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1. Toxin-free

Producing regular teas requires the usage of pesticides to keep off pests, insects, and other plant diseases. Despite the best efforts to keep away pesticides in processing teas, unfortunately, traces of pesticides still find their way into our cups. These pesticides can produce harmful effects in the body, e.g., cancer. Not only are these pesticides harmful to humans, but they can cause severe damage to the ecosystem in general too.

Why completely stop having your favourite beverage when you can have an alternative? Organic teas are protected using natural fertilisers that don’t contain dangerous chemicals for the body and the environment. This way, you can completely enjoy having your cup of tea without worrying about the side effects.

2. Promotes digestive health

Digestive health plays an important role in our lives to function properly and for our overall wellbeing. Undigested food can often be the leading causes of many illnesses. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain good digestive hygiene to lead a healthy life. Organic teas can help to regulate digestive health and improve the activity of healthy bacteria in our gut. Organic teas can promote better metabolism and help to keep indigestion away.

With that being said, many experts believe that tea consumers must have clean & hygienic teas to enhance digestive health. Pesticide containing teas can produce opposite health results where it can worsen digestive health. This is where organic teas can help you to safely partake in the tea without worrying about the negative effects of pesticides on your body.

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3. Helps to lose weight

In today’s fast world, our hands quickly reach out to snacks to keep our tummies filled. This is unhealthy, especially when the goal is to lose weight. Replacing snacks with organic teas can help to remove those unhealthy cravings, and what’s more? It’s going to keep you aligned with the goals of your weight loss. Organic teas can help burn those unnecessary fats, reduce cholesterol, and improve your overall health. This is one of known health benefits of organic tea.

With wide varieties to choose from, keep your organic teas sugar-free. Brew up your organic tea with a twist of lemon flavour, or choose from fresh lavender – add cinnamon or peppermint to make a hot cup of healthy chai. Regardless of your flavour, organic teas can promote your overall health with invigorating zing.

4. Calming effects

In this day and age, we’re all running around trying to meet demands and expectations. Due to overwhelming situations outside, we are looking for ways to bring inner calmness. What better way to counter stress than with a cup of hot organic tea? Did you know organic teas have theanine – a chemical component that helps in reducing stress, gives relaxation, and also assists with better sleep quality?

As opposed to the chemical component found in coffee, caffeine can give you a jittery effect whereby the chances of getting stimulated by it are manifold, which might pave the way for anxiety, and that’s not something you’d be looking for after a long stressful day, right? Switch to a hot organic tea now and get ready for good relaxation.

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Health benefits of organic tea

5. Builds strength

Organic tea contains many minerals and vitamins, not the least of which is Vitamin H that helps in building metabolism. Vitamin H, commonly referred to as Biotin, can keep hair, skin, and the nervous system regulated properly and healthy. The presence of Vitamin D has also been found in organic tea that has the potential of keeping the health of bones and teeth in proper shape. Thus, two cups of organic teas a day can bring lots of health benefits.

One of the major reasons for depression and fibromyalgia is the deficiency of Vitamin D. Since this vitamin is found in organic teas, there’s another reason why you must try organic teas now more than ever. What’s more? Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of infectious diseases like flu and one of the most common health conditions – diabetes. As you can see the health benefits of organic tea are numerous and amazing.

6. Regulates blood sugar levels

Since organic teas can help in reducing the risk of diabetes, it’s a no-brainer that organic teas can also help in channeling proper levels of blood sugar. Both green tea and black organic teas can delay the release of sugars from starch or sucrose and provide some comfort to people with high blood sugar levels. Thus, every cup of organic tea has the potential of reducing risks from many illnesses, regulate blood sugar levels, and can help you to relax mentally.

Cinnamon tea assists the body by controlling appetite, which regulates blood sugar and weight. Hibiscus tea can lower both blood sugar and cholesterol. This helps to stabilise mood, decrease stress, and curb hunger while protecting drinkers from the risk of diabetes.

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7. Boosts your antioxidant intake

Every cup of tea that you drink contains antioxidants. These antioxidants can flush out free radicals, protect our hearts, reduce infections, and may even prevent cancer. Antioxidants provide stimulation to the body by pushing oxygen molecules, whereby the circulation of blood in the body gets improved. These antioxidants are necessary to remove components that reduce the flow of the blood and regulate them properly.

Many scientific pieces of evidence suggest that organic teas can also provide age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s. These antioxidants can also potentially slow down the aging process and may also help in increasing overall longevity. Antioxidants in organic teas have also been known to improve skin textures.

Final thoughts

Overall organic teas have many benefits, and with more findings, science seems to be pointing in the direction of organic teas to improve overall wellness. So, what are you waiting for? You can gain from these health benefits of organic tea. Get ready to brew your hot cup of organic tea now and enjoy the many health benefits it has to offer, as there are more reasons to choose organic tea over others.


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