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7 Health Tips for Call Center Agents

Health Tips for Call Center Agents
Written by Collins Nwokolo

A call center agent’s work is very stressful. It is not easy to always be on the phone providing the same answer to customers’ usual questions or inquiries. From handling annoying customers, managing with crazy work schedules, and ensuring customer satisfaction, while dealing with verbal confrontations are just some of the challenges faced by call center agents. At some point, these challenges can affect your mental health.

Such a job could alsl affect your sleep, especially if you work on the night shift. This informative article discusses some vital health tips for call center agents. They will help you maintain your health and overall well-being, as you try to do your job as a call center agent.

1. Get Adequate Sleep

A call center agent must make adequate sleep one of the mantras of his/her job to be successful doing it.  This is because it is the most important thing that call center agents usually don’t do. 

When you don’t get enough sleep, you are likely to resume work very weak and tired. Sometimes, you might fall asleep during calls. This could draw out a query or even be scolded by your supervisors. You might end up not being productive.

2. Eat healthy food

Healthy food is a balanced diet. Always ensure balanced meals, which will give you enough energy to take calls throughout the whole shift and stay enthusiastic all night. 

You might likely experience dizziness while skipping meals and eventually get nauseated. This will make it hard for you to concentrate on your calls and unable to understand your customers’ concerns, as you might not be attentive throughout, thereby affecting your productivity. Eating healthy food can also help you stay awake, and perform your job well.

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Having a balanced meal will give you an upbeat tone that will allow you to help your customers by addressing their concerns properly and keep their attention during your pitch.

3. Stay hydrated

Your job could make you take all the time on the phone, which can dry up your throat. To avoid this, protect the most crucial aspect of your work – your voice by taking in lots of fluids. The fluid can be water, juice, or iced tea.  It is a common thing to see a spill-proof tumbler at every call center agents’ desk.

4. Adequate exercise

Maintaining fitness is very crucial in your job. You are likely to get sick often if you are very unhealthy. This can result in missed days and eventually termination. You should occasionally stretch out and do some light physical activity while working.

5. Balanced Social Life

Building a balanced social life can help you perform optimally at your workplace as a call center agent. Building meaningful, professional relationships with your team makes you more lively and excited to go to work at night.

6. Reduce drinking/smoking

This is meant for those who drink and smoke. Keep your drinking and smoking habits in check. This is because moderate drinking (coffee) offer a big help in keeping you awake at work, but too much of it will result in a different story.

7. Unwind

You need to learn how to unwind because working too much won’t allow you to do that. You can have fun and hang out with friends and families, which keeps you healthy in ways that improve your overall sense of being. In this way, you will experience a more positive and alert attitude at work.

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