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5 Healthy Foods Which Might Not Really Be Healthy

Delicious Foods To Help Fight Belly Fat
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Nobody likes to leave their dice rolling, yet numerous of us are disbursing our hard-earned money on making healthy choices which aren’t healthy. Making it significant for us to get acquainted with junk food masked as healthy food, which in reality is lacking all the nutrition required for us to be healthy.

The fast-moving pace and our day-to-day hectic work schedule make us tired at the end of the day, leaving us with less “me-time” to make a well-cooked healthy food to pamper ourselves or read the ingredient label of the packed food. Which, lead us to end up directly trapped in the marketing techniques of the packed food companies with their attractive line like “no-sugar,” “no-added calories,” “natural” and “organic.” Neither less those distorted images, also make us swaps the healthy food for the unhealthy ones. These make the consumers believe they have made a healthy life choice.

The real problem here is we need a dive into packed food labels and read what’s actually in the food. As the packed food options are becoming endless, it’s making our healthy choices more difficult. Manufacturers aren’t out to boost your health there end goal is making money. Packaging food as “natural,” “organic,” and “healthy” is a way to earn a pickle and make you eat unhealthily, and another reason to avoid that packed food is whenever you think to sub-out of it can make you overeat.

We human beings know how to eat, but we are clueless when it comes to what to eat. With making so many options available now, we have made it difficult.

Delicious Foods To Help Fight Belly Fat

Breaking out some of that food which you would want to swap for the healthier ones:

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1. Granola or proteins bars

Having a protein bar in place of skipped meals is okay. But these bars are marked as “healthy” in reality, they have a shelf life, which typically means they have added preservatives, sugar, calories. Fats like vegetable oil, are added to bind the ingredients. Added artificial sweeteners can lead to a higher risk of diabetics and obesity. Eating more than specified can increase metabolic diseases.

Your granola tastes like candy don’t sound natural? Does it? In place of having granola or protein bars to satisfy your hunger needs, it’s suggested to have a bowl of salad or sprouts, which are not only delicious, nutritious, but less time-consuming to make. 

2. Packed Juice

Packed Fresh juice in a bottle comes with an expiry date that can last for months. How can something called “100% fresh juice” can last so long? There is something added which extends its shelf-life think how fresh it would be actually? 

After being squeezed fruits juice gets deprived of oxygen, these entire heating process strips out some amount of nutrition from the juice. During the method, some amount of flavour lost. Due to that, artificial flavour are added by the producers along with sugars like artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colours, making packaged juices very high with fructose low in fibres which results in a raise in releasing of insulin also making it harmful for your digestive tract. It’s recommended to consume fresh juice instead of buying packed juice.

3. Dried Fruits

Sure thing dried fruits are full- loaded with nutrients, fibres, and antioxidants. But they have way more sugar than fresh fruits as dried fruits lose their water content during the drying process their nutrient, and calorie sugar content becomes concentrated during the drying process. While eating a handful of dry fruits, you are probably consuming more calorie than if you would if you ate the same amount of fresh fruits.

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Therefore it is suggested to opt for real fresh fruits that keep hydrated and fills up your tummy as you eat them.

4. Wheat Bread

Morning breakfast rituals of having a wheat bread toast and sandwiches not to forget those Friday pizza nights accompanied with evening dine outs. We end up consuming wheat bread only for the reasons its “yummy and delicious”; very addictive, right?

The main reasons for the food consumption are to nourish our body, which the wheat bread completely fails to accomplish. Food consumption goal is not just to provide a delightful taste to our taste-buds. Wheat bread is processed; during the process, it loses its nutrition, to combat the loss producers add artificial vitamins and minerals to substitute the missing nutrients.

However, they are unable to substitute the fibre required for digestion and cardiovascular health. Wheat bread contains enriched flour, which increases the sugar level in our body. “When white bread is refined, the outmost and inmost layers of the grain removed, this removes the fibre and protein, only leaving behind the starch.”

Wheat bread contains carbohydrates, a high intake of carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health problems. Seems like we need to buzz out wheat bread from our kitchen and swap it with more nutritional “100% whole wheat bread.”

5. Soybean

It is a decent source of protein providing, numerous nutritional benefits. It has all nine essential amino acids which are required for healthy muscles and bone. Soybean includes vital omega-6 and omega-3 fats, which are polyunsaturated, good for your heart, and help lower your chances of certain diseases.

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People who usually follow a vegetarian diet often use soybean. They are naturally cholesterol-free, rich in saturated fats, fibre, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients. No doubt, the popularity has held the fort for the mentioned benefits. But excessive consumption of soybean leads to several ill effects.

It contributes too much estrogen into males bodies. As per the researchers, eating soybean in large quantities might make men develop female traits. 

A report by Harvard University states that soybean is rich in isoflavones, and high consumption of isoflavones is linked to lower sperm count. Another study suggests that a high amount of soybean consumption is linked to erectile dysfunction and hyposexuality in men.

Just by limiting the intake of unhealthy food, you can stay fit and combat diseases. When looking for healthy food, it is vital to have a look at the ingredient label, not just one or two. It doesn’t provide the entire picture, making it is significant to have a look at the complete list might help us to avoid concentrated sugary, fast food. Consume healthy, freshly-made food and snacks instead of the packed food. For more health and diet tips, visit The Daily Healthy tip.

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