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10 Healthy Things to Do When Bored

Healthy Things to Do When Bored
Written by Collins Nwokolo

For anyone, anywhere boredom is a common occurrence. Being bored is an inevitability of life. Boredom is an emotional and sometimes psychological state that occurs when an individual doesn’t have anything in particular to do, is not interested in things around them, or feels that a day or period is dull or tedious.

Sometimes when you are bored, it is not just because you lack the motivation to do anything, but because you lack ideas of what to do.

When most people become bored, they tend to do the easiest things they are used to doing. For example, surfing the internet aimlessly, browsing through social media, or watching TV are things most people do are likely to do when they are bored. While those activities are not bad, there are some other healthy things you can do when you are bored.

As someone who wants to stay healthy, you will definitely want to engage in healthy activities when you are bored. With that in mind, here are 10 healthy things to do when bored.

1. Do your laundry

This is something you should consider doing when you’re are bored. Many people find doing their laundry as their hardest chore and one that they easily procrastinate. Doing your laundry helps to remove any bacteria, dirt, fleas, mites, and other irritants or infections. It can also help in reducing the incidence of infectious diseases, such as diarrhoeal disease, respiratory infections, scabies, and other skin infections. 

2. Go for a walk

A walk can do wonders for one’s mind. It gives you a chance to think and helps clear your mind. You can choose to walk outside and also spend time with nature.

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3. Plan your meals

One of the healthiest things you can do when you are bored is meal planning. Meal planning can help you lose weight, improve your overall health, and reduce mealtime stress. Talking out time to plan your meals can reduce the stress of cooking last minute, save you money, and help you avoid unhealthy food options. 

4. Play brain games

Brain games can be interesting and engaging for anyone. They can provide a wealth of benefits for you when you play them, such as boosting your memory, problem-solving skills, and mental health. Just as exercise can help slow your body physically, the brain also benefits from stimulation.

5. Exercise

Getting your heart rate up will get rid of any extra energy you may have. Some people exercise by playing sports, but if you’re not into sports, then there are other physical activities that still count as exercise, such as dancing.

Healthy Things to Do When Bored

6. Sleep

Sleeping when you’re bored may sound counterintuitive, but it is a very healthy activity. Sleep allows your body to rest and helps it to prepare for the next day. Sleep also gives your brain a chance to sort things out. When you’re bored and don’t have anything to do, you can always sleep and give your body some rest.

7. Read a book

Reading is another very healthy activity. Reading a book can lower stress, fight depression, and improve your brain health. Apart from the health benefits, reading can also broaden your knowledge, vocabulary, and comprehension. Studies have shown that reading daily can boost longevity.

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8. Talk to a loved one

Most people end up bored after spending long hours on the internet or social media. An effective way to combat boredom is the spend real physical interaction with a loved one. Spending time with close friends or family can boost your emotional and social health

9. Meditate

Meditation is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, awareness, and training your mind to redirect your thoughts. If you are stressed out, anxious, tense, and worried, consider meditating. When you are bored or mentally drained, a few minutes of mindful meditation can restore your calm and inner peace.

10. Clean your place

One of the most healthy things to do when bored is to clean up where you live. If you can’t think of any activity to engage in, why not think of somewhere in your house that needs a thorough cleaning, or somewhere that has not been cleaned up in a while. Regular cleaning of your home has many health benefits. It reduces the risks of spreading diseases and helps you remain organized.


Boredom is something you will always have to face, so whenever you get bored, look up this list, and choose one among these healthy things to do when bored.


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