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7 Healthy Things To Do When You’re Sick

Healthy Things To Do When Sick
Written by Collins Nwokolo

In as much as we try our best to stay hale and hearty, it’s inevitable that, at some point, we’d eventually fall into the naked grasp of varying sicknesses. Yes, we’ve all been there – feeling under the weather and not quite sure what to do to make ourselves feel better.

However, there are some things you can do when you are sick that can help you feel well more quickly, as well as some things you should avoid.

Whether you’re dealing with a minor cold or something more serious, there are healthy strategies that can help you feel better faster and support your body’s natural healing process.

Hence, In this insightful blog post, we’ll explore some of the healthy things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling sick.

7 Healthy Things To Do When Sick 


When you’re sick, it’s critical to care for yourself. Here are a few healthy things you should do when sick.

1. Remain hydrated

The importance of staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized. To see that your body effectively fights against illnesses, you must remain hydrated.

For your body to continue functioning at its best, bodily fluids lost during illness must be replaced. These fluids can be lost through sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, and other means.

Water, tea, and broth are some of the best fluids to drink when feeling sick.

In addition, drinking beverages will thin out mucus, alleviate congestion, and aid in the body’s removal of toxins that may be causing your illness.

Stay away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks because they can dehydrate you. Alcohol can further aggravate inflammation and cause dehydration, which will prolong your illness. 

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2. Rest and unwind

Sleep is the best time for your body to heal. Sleep can help your immune system function better and speed up your recovery from illness.

To add to that, sleeping aids in relaxation, particularly if your symptoms leave you too exhausted or weakened to carry out your regular tasks.

Try to get some rest, unwind, let go of any mental baggage, and enjoy leisure when you’re sick. Take it easy and catch up on your favorite books or television series if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

3. Eat healthy foods

Healthy foods to eat when you’re ill include fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains.

These whole meals are rich in vitamins and nutrients that can hasten your recovery from illness. They can also boost your immune system and aid in preventing uncomfortable symptoms in the future.

Adapt your diet choices to your symptoms. Avoid eating oily, salty, or spicy meals if you’re vomiting since they could make you feel sicker.

Eat only soft, warm, and calming meals like soup or mashed potatoes if you have a sore throat.

4. Avoid smoking

Smoking is not a healthy venture as it affects the lungs, which can worsen certain symptoms. 

Smoking also reduces immunity, which increases your likelihood of catching infections more frequently and for longer durations.

If you smoke, try to refrain from doing so. Consider giving up smoking permanently if you can refrain from doing so for a few days.

Quitting smoking has a lot of advantages, including a longer lifespan and a lower chance of cancer.

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5. Take a shower

When you’re feeling sick, it’s simple to lie in bed and avoid taking a shower for the whole day, or worse scenario, a few days.

Nonetheless, getting in the shower can hasten your recovery. Congestion can be cleared up, and mucus can be thinned while standing in a hot shower, making it easier for the body to discharge.

Furthermore, the hot water helps ease sore muscles and encourage relaxation, which might make it easier to obtain that much-needed rest.

6. Stay home and avoid contact with others

Staying home and avoiding contact with others is crucial when you are sick to prevent the spread of illness to others.

When you have an infectious illness such as the flu or a cold, you can easily spread the virus or bacteria to others through close contact, coughing, or sneezing.

By staying home and avoiding contact with others, you can reduce the risk of spreading the illness to family, friends, and coworkers. This can help prevent the illness from spreading further and causing a larger outbreak.

Moreover, staying home and getting rest can also help your body recover faster. Your immune system needs time to fight off the infection, and rest is essential for the body to heal and recover.

7. Take your medications

When you’re sick, taking the medications that have been prescribed by your healthcare provider is one of the most important things you can do to help manage your symptoms and aid in your recovery.

This means that you should take the right dose, at the right time, and for the prescribed duration.

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Skipping doses, taking more than the recommended dose, or stopping your medication prematurely can hinder your recovery or even worsen your condition.


Taking care of yourself when you’re sick is essential to promoting a speedy recovery and preventing the spread of illness. By following these healthy things to do when sick, you can help reduce the duration and severity of your illness and return to feeling your best.

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