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7 Healthy Ways To Numb Emotional Pain

healthy ways to numb emotional pain
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The root cause why a large proportion of the human population fall into clinical depression is emotional pain. A significant number of depressed folks are seeking therapy on a daily basis all over the planet, and the main reason is emotional pain. Negative emotions and pains often trigger despair thoughts and also lead to clouded judgements and decisions.

Emotional pains can also makes one develop uncomfortable physical sensations. Some of these conditions include chest pain, stomach ache, fatigue, tension, and so on. These sensations sometimes drive negative emotional behaviours such as aggression, bitterness, avoidance, and the list is endless.

The experience transforming activities you need to take starts with a change in your habits and lifestyle, your thoughts, and how you interact with other members of immediate locality. So, how do one heal emotional pain? What are the healthy ways to numb emotional pain? This article shed some light into your plight.


1. Develop A New Hobby

Is there any favourite activity you’ve always dreamed of? Or perhaps there is something you enjoy but don’t have adequate time for? This is the perfect time to switch your focus to that new hobby. Do you derive pleasure in books? Lend a couple of books from a local library and start reading. Developing a new favourite hobby helps to keep your mind busy adjusting to the new routine thereby helping you heal your emotional wounds.

2. Engage In Physical Activities

Restricting yourself to self-hibernation as a result of emotional pain can lead to heavier depression and heaviness. Rather, get up out of bed and walk around the block. Use your body for mild physical activities and stretch. Also, you can dance to soul lifting music when you are alone in your closet.

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Engaging in any type of physical activity will help ease the pain from your soul. 

3. Don’t Overthink 

You don’t have to cause yourself unnecessary pain by ruminating on the pain lingering in your heart. Whatever thing causing you pain has been done already and cannot be reversed. Ruminating over the event will only worsen the emotional pains, instead of alleviating it.

4. Stop Talking About The Problem

Perhaps you assumed you are no longer bothered about the reason for your pain, but whenever you come across someone interested in the story, you find yourself narrating the tale again. Initially, this can be soothing to you but it will get to a point where you just have to abstain or control the urge to talk about the pain, as it will rather open up the already-healing wound again. One way to circumvent this kind of situation is to focus about your future plans. What do you intend to achieve tomorrow? Start thinking from that angle.

5. Keep A Journal

You need to start documenting your daily experiences in a personal journal. Did something positive happened to you at work? Write it down. If you feel any negative vibe, pen it down with a plan to solve the problem.

Keeping a day-to-day journal helps you to transfer your emotions from your heart into a still-life object – your journal. In the long run, your emotional pain will gradually disappear.

6. Cry Out Your Heart

Crying has medical benefits whereby it releases the toxins in your body and relieve your stress levels. Have you been holding back from crying? No, you should not. Trying to force in your emotions will only damage your mental health.

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According to a study, crying may have a direct, self-soothing effect on humans. The study stated how crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which helps people relax. Crying can also help you sleep, which can help you deal with emotional pain.

7. Spend Time With Dear Ones

Spending time with your dear ones can also help you deal with emotional pain. Friends and loved ones can also help increase your sense of belonging, cheer you up, improve our self-confidence and help reduce stress and anxiety. Thus, you can start now to improve your social health.


Bottom Line

Bad things happen everyday and is a regular part of our lives as humans. Absolutely no one can predict the next time an unpleasant event will come up. Although, we don’t have ultimate power to influence happenings, we have the liberty and free will to put our emotions under check.

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