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6 Most Healthy Ways To Sweeten Coffee

Healthy Ways To Sweeten Coffee
Written by Collins Nwokolo

It has become common knowledge that drinking coffee has many health benefits. Coffee is high in antioxidants and has been shown to help with weight loss and diabetes prevention. And of course, the healthiest way to take your coffee is, of course, black. However, if you are unable to withstand the taste of the bitter grounds on their own, you can try some healthy ways to sweeten coffee.

In most cases, the health benefits are negated if you add spoonfuls of sugar to each cup of coffee you make. 

Check out these 6 healthy ways to sweeten your coffee to preserve the benefits of coffee while still making it sweet enough for your taste.

1. Dates

Date fruit is very sugary, but it is completely filled with natural sugars. Although, dates and date paste are usually used as an ingredient in baked goods and sweet snack recipes due to their strong flavor, you can also use dates to sweeten your coffee. However, you need to use it the right way.

To use dates as one of the healthy ways to sweeten coffee, don’t just drop whole dried dates into your cup. First of all, make date paste. This is done by soaking the dates in water for an hour, then combining the dates with a couple of tablespoons of water in a blender.  Dates also add fiber, iron, magnesium, and calcium in your body.

2. Honey

Honey is commonly associated with tea and sugar with coffee, but honey can be just as sweet and delicious in coffee. Honey has many health benefits that make it worthwhile to have in your diet, even if you don’t include it in your coffee. Local honey is a safe source of energy and antioxidants, as well as reduces allergies.

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3. Maple Syrup

It turns out that this wonderful syrup isn’t just for pancakes—even it’s great in coffee! The maple flavor adds a nice touch, particularly during the colder months. Just make sure you get maple syrup that hasn’t been mixed with high fructose corn syrup. Otherwise, the health benefits would be neutralized.

Healthy Ways To Sweeten Coffee

4. Agave

Agave nectar is a cactus-derived natural sweetener. Agave nectar was once popular among health nuts, but it has since fallen out of favor due to its high fructose content. Agave nectar, on the other hand, has a low glycemic index. Researchers discovered that a high glycemic index led to type 2 diabetes in studies of patients. There is still a lack of definitive studies about whether fructose is harmful to one’s wellbeing. For the time being, it seems that agave deserves to reclaim its position in the spotlight.

5. Coconut Sugar

The benefits of coconut seem to be endless. Coconut juice is consumed for hydration, coconut oil is used as a superior oil substitute, and lactose intolerants drink coconut milk. Coconut sugar is becoming increasingly common these days. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index, similar to agave. The fructose content is similar to that of sugar. Coconut sugar, just like other products derived from coconut, has a faint coconut flavor, which is a turn-off for some and a selling point for others.

6. Stevia

Since stevia is sold as a sugar substitute, many people believe it is artificial, but it isn’t. Stevia is a plant derivative from the Stevia rebaudiana, a plant native to Brazil and Paraguay. It is most commonly found in powdered form. Stevia, unlike other sugar alternatives, does not have a sour aftertaste. It’s possible that you won’t even know it’s not sugar.

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Bottom Line

You should try any one of these healthy ways of sweetening coffee to get the great taste you want without the risk of harming your health. If the coffee still tastes bland, you should know that it may not lack sugar. Probably, it may be that your office is losing out on the ability to making great coffee.

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