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How to Get More Dopamine Naturally

How to Get More Dopamine Naturally
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Dopamine is a chemical substance that transmits impulses across synapses to other nerves over a minute gap between nerves and the muscles of the glands that they supply. A lot of people have try to find out how to get more dopamine naturally, and this article gives you the answer.

Dopamine influences our mood, heart and kidney function, insulin regulation, and reward seeking behavior. It also contributes to focus, alertness, concentration, and happiness.

Elevated levels can lead to euphoria and mental illnesses like mania, while low levels may result in a lack of focus, forgetfulness, sadness, mood swings, low motivation, and even depression.

A dominant level of dopamine makes people happier, more focused, motivated, and productive, and overall balances mental health. Dopamine levels are usually regulated by the nervous system, but there are some way you can naturally increase dopamine levels.

Here are some natural ways to maintain a balance in dopamine in your body.

How to Get More Dopamine Naturally

How to Get More Dopamine Naturally

1. Sleep

When we sleep, we give our brain a chance to renew its cells and get rid of toxins; also, it keeps connection pathways active. Studies have shown that irregular sleeping patterns tend to reduce neurotransmitters concentration.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is essential in promoting health. Also, it renews brain cells and slows down brain aging, thereby increasing dopamine levels. One study claimed that frequent exercising can prevent Parkinson’s disease. This disease occurs when low dopamine levels in the brain affects the brain’s ability to control body movements. But regular exercise prevents this by releasing dopamine naturally.

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3. Eating fruits

Fruits like bananas, apples, and avocados are rich in tyrosine and quercetin. These substances stimulate the body to produce dopamine. Also, eating foods that are high in protein can also boost your dopamine levels.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate contains tyrosine, which stimulates dopamine production. Dark chocolate is a good tyrosine source, and it also gives a lasting effect, unlike brownies or cookies. Another study said that the chemicals in chocolate caused positive moods.

5. Getting a massage

This helps relieve stress, and one-way dopamine levels reduce stress. Massages can increase dopamine levels to up to 30%, and there are very relaxing. The health benefits of getting a massage are numerous, and boosting your dopamine levels is one of them.


6. Listening to calming music

This helps in improving stress, reducing mood, and creating pleasure, which is possible through an increase in dopamine levels. Music releases a chemicals in the brain that plays a crucial role in giving you moods. One study found out that, levels of dopamine were found to be up to 9% higher when people were listening to music they enjoyed. This means that listening to music can increase your dopamine naturally.


7. Use of essential oils

Oils like lemon and lavender oils are natural and therapeutic. Researchers have shown that using your sense of smell stimulates the brain to release dopamine and serotonin. Essential oils  are uplifting, stress-relieving, mood-enhancing, and relaxing.

8. Memories

Remembering happy memories stimulates the brain to release dopamine while recalling sad memories stimulates the brain to release serotonin, as shown by researches. One quick way you can get more dopamine through memories is by looking at old, goofy photos of yourself. Looking at such memorable old photos can bring back the dopamine rush you felt when you took them.

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Even though these remedies can increase dopamine levels, do not use them in place of medical care. If you have concerns about your mental health, seek help from a professional. They’re also common target menus such as drugs or counseling, which can prove effective if needed

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