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5 False Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

Myths about orthodontic treatment
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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Your smile is one of the most treasured assets that you have. It helps to build up your self-confidence, uplift your mood and also spread joy. Since it has such a great impact on your life, this goes without saying that you should try your best to achieve the smile of your dreams.

That is why if you are thinking of opting for orthodontic treatment so that you can get rid of your crooked teeth, it is great news and you should not let anything stop you. But there can be a lot of misleading information about orthodontics that you may come across at this point.

To help you identify the facts from a plethora of misinformation, there are certain myths about orthodontics and the facts behind them that you should be aware of. These will help you to take an informed decision when you are thinking of going for orthodontic treatment. Just read on.


5 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment

Myths about orthodontic treatment

Myths about orthodontic treatment

The following are some common myths about orthodontic treatment:

Myth 1 – It Will Take Too Long to Straighten the Teeth

Fact – Thought it might have taken your friend’s kid all the middle and high school for straightening the teeth, but the same may not be true for you. Firstly, it is never too late for getting the adult braces. Secondly, you will never know how much time it will take to achieve the smile of your dreams until you consult with your orthodontist. This happens because every patient is different. If you are choosing the Invisalign braces, then ensure that you wear it 20-22 hours a day for achieving the results that you desire. Otherwise, your teeth won’t be able to move as scheduled, and your progress will be delayed. Each patient is different and is treated differently.

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Myth 2 – Orthodontists are Very Expensive

Fact – The orthodontists are unique healthcare professionals who customise the treatment plans of the patients and the fees usually reflects each case’s complexity. From the simple cases that can take just months to provide a solution to an oral issue to the complex ones that can take a couple of years to get sorted – it is worth going for orthodontic treatment. Most orthodontists offer flexible payment plans and free consultations and are more than willing to work with patients and help them achieve a beautiful and sparkling smile. So you should trust your orthodontist who will straighten your smile and make sure that you have the best bite possible.


Myth 3 – Teeth Pain at the Time of Wearing Braces

Fact– The painful teeth during orthodontic treatment is no more the case. In the early 90s, when the braces made of stainless-steel wires were the only option to move teeth, the stiff wires were bent in complicated ways. That is why patients felt pain in their teeth for three days after visiting the dentist. But now the copper NiTi and smart wires are used. These eliminate the need of the rigid stainless-steel wires and the complicated requirement to bend them. That is why you should have no more toothache.


Myth 4 – Straightening Teeth is Only Cosmetic and Has No Effect on Oral Health

Fact – There is much more to orthodontic treatment than just meeting the eyes. Though the improved appearance happens to be the most obvious result, when the jaws and the teeth are in alignment, their function is also quite improved which is a dual treatment benefit. Apart from that, the crowded teeth enhance the risks of gum ailment and cavities. Straightening the teeth is not just crucial for self-confidence but also for oral health. Flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day are challenging when you have overlapping teeth. Fortunately, the Invisalign and braces move the teeth, so it is easier to practise the good oral hygiene. Issues with the bite affect more than the face shape and can lead to pain in the jaw in the long run. So if you feel pain when you bite down, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with the dental orthodontist as soon as possible.

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Myth 5 – Only the Teens and the Kids Can Have Braces or Straighten Their Teeth

Fact – You can get braces at the best teeth braces price whenever you want from your nearest dental clinic. The orthodontist can straighten the teeth at any age. The bite issues and crooked teeth affect not only the appearance but also your oral health. If you are not an advocate of metal braces, then Invisalign is also an option that you can try. Invisalign are the aligners that are almost invisible, and they move the teeth bit by bit to optimal positions. Many adult patients prefer clear aligners more as they are more or less invisible to friends, families and co-workers.
Now that you are aware of the myths associated with orthodontic treatment and the facts behind them steer clear of them and make up your mind of opting for orthodontic treatment so that you can bid farewell to your smiling owes and achieve a million-dollar smile that you truly deserve.


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  • In many cases, these patients are disenchanted after a few months when the spaces haven’t closed, or perhaps even gotten bigger.

    The problem with closing spaces is the fact that it calls for a managed process of orthodontic braces and wires to close up spaces. Generally, your teeth must be entirely aligned before the gaps start to close up.

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