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6 New Technological Advancements in The Dental Industry

Technological advancements in dental industry
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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The dentistry field is changing and constantly evolving to help patients even more and suit their requirements. There have been many discoveries in the recent times to provide patients with various options for the good health of their teeth as well as to keep it beautiful at the same time. The safer and hygienic methods are introduced for the treatment. These discoveries allow the treatment of traditional problems related to teeth even easier and hassle-free with modern equipment, methods, and technologies.
Technological advancements in dental industry
A dentist may now offer more options to the patient that the patient wouldn’t have even thought of. The main goal of these discoveries was to perform the dental treatments more efficiently and comfortably as well as making them more effective. The solutions offered today are painless and safe, which enhances the dental treatment of a patient.

The equipment generally used nowadays by a dentist during treatments includes electric drills, brushes, lasers, and x-rays. More high tech equipment includes CEREC CAM/CAD technology, digital radiography, soft tissue lasers, intraoral cameras, jaw simulators to study 3D models, surgical microscopes, etc. These were the most common equipment used by the dentists for any small treatment whereas in big dental companies there is much higher and complex equipment that dentists use.


6 New Technological Advancements In The Dental Industry

Below are 6 of the latest technological advancements and developments in the dental care sector.

1. Improving Dental Health Through High Tech X-Rays

The digitalized x-rays are replacing traditional radiographs in many dental clinics. They have become highly useful among dentists because of its popularity. These are more efficient and much faster than those radiographs. First, a phosphor plate or an electric sensor is placed inside the mouth of the patient for capturing the image. The image is then scanned or relayed to the computer for viewing. It is much faster than traditional conventional films. Through this method, the dentist is able to store images to compare them in the future to check the progress of the patient.

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2. CAD/CAM Tech- Faster Care Of Teeth

The CAD and CAM stand for “computer-assisted design” and “computer-assisted manufacture,” respectively. These help in the completion of procedures such as bridges and crowns in few dental visits. With CAD/CAM technology, the process is much faster instead of making a mold of tooth-like previous cases, where the tooth can be drilled for preparation for the crown, and after that, the computer takes a picture. Then a machine, which makes the crown, scans this image.



3. Lasers for Cavity Detection

Dentists used instruments called “explorer” to find cavities previously. However, dentists now prefer a diode laser, which is a more high tech option for removing and detecting cavities. A dentist can use this to determine if the tooth has any decay or not. A dentist can then examine the tooth comparing levels in each visit and advice the patient about proper measures to take.

technological advancements in dental industry

4. Invisalign

These are a great invention for the shy types. These are partially invisible, or you can say clear braces, which help in straightening the teeth. With the presence of these, there is no need to wear heavy metal braces, which cover the whole teeth. These are also easy to take out, so they don’t restrict any kind of food. Invisalign dental treatment is definitely a new technological advancement in the dental industry.



5. Air Abrasion

This evolved method of drilling ensures proper removal of decayed teeth. Air abrasion method prevents the use of anesthetics. In this process, air pellets and aluminum oxide are blasted for treatment of cavities and other dental problems.

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6. Zoom Whitening

This is an amazing treatment for teeth whitening, which provides fast and easy treatment. This treatment usually requires one visit to make the patient’s teeth shine pearl white. This helps in improving the smile very much.

The discovery of all these devices and equipment has made the treatment more convenient for a dentist, as well as for the patients.


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