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The Pre and Post Workout Tips For Better and Fast Results

Pre and Post Workout Tips For Better and Fast Results
Written by Collins Nwokolo

To achieve your goals fast and make them last long, there are certain things and rules to follow. Following are pre- and post-workout tips you should follow.

Just lifting weights and eating what you can is not enough. If you could understand the pre and post-workout routine, you can change the diet, workout, and routine to speed up your progress. Working out is a small part of the daily routine, so the rest of the day has a huge impact on fitness and health. Diet, sleep, and recovery are a few important things that you should take care of. Want to know other tips for before and after the workout so you can get better results? Then get your bodybuilding tank tops and joggers to, and let’s dig into it. 

Pre and Post Workout Tips For Better and Fast Results

Before the workout


Having 6 to 8 hours of good sleep is important in 24 hours regardless of your workout time. If you work out in the evening or at night, try getting a 30-minute power nap before that. It will keep you fresh and energized for the workout and prevent the food cravings. Sleeping also helps the body to freshen up, recover, and get ready for what is ahead. Try to avoid electronic devices before sleeping and finish the workout at least an hour before bedtime. 

Pre-workout nutrition

Eating and drinking water before the workout will give you the energy you need. Eat a meal an hour before the workout or snacks, fruits, and veggies 30 minutes before the workout. Similarly, fulfill your thirst an hour before the workout and take a piss if you have to. Alternatively, you could consider taking cbd pre workout supplements that help to boost your energy, and prep your muscles. 

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Don’t force yourself if you don’t feel like eating snacks before the workout. But eat whatever amount you can if you feel hungry. It is good to have plenty of carbs with some protein and less healthy fats. Carbs will provide you with the required energy. You should not be full and definitely should not be hungry before the workout. 


One of the important things to do is wear proper and right workout clothes. Just like you would not go for a run in flip-flops or oxfords, you should not be wearing inappropriate clothing. Active apparel, keep sweat away, are comfortable for workouts, keep the flexibility and mobility required for the workout. 

Avoid just cotton because it soaks sweat and isn’t great at evaporating it. Instead, go for cotton blends with some stretchable material. Also, make sure of the fitting as it should not be baggy or too tight. Check you are equipped with everything you need before heading out. 


Never skip the warm-up routine. A dynamic warm-up before working out will get it ready, pump blood everywhere, and raise the heart rate. This helps prevent workout injuries, muscle pull, and increases range of motion. 

Consider the body like a rubber band, if it’s cold and you try to pull, it will break. Warm it up a little and pull; however, you want. Mimicking the workout routine, jogging, and stretches depending on the muscle you will be working on makes a warm-up routine. 

After the workout

how to stay hydrated after workouts


Right after the workout is complete, switch to the cool-down routine. Static stretching is a good way to do so. Where warm-up brings the body to working out form, cool-down transitions it back to rest smoothly. Remember cool-down stretching is opposite to warm-up stretching, these are static stretches. Do your cool-down routine for 20 seconds, at least. This helps prevent cramps and pulls, blood pooling, increases mobility, and prevents injuries in the future. 

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Foam roller

Can foam rolling help with recovery? Some researches say yes. You can get a foam roller and give yourself a massage in sore areas without spending hundreds in a massage parlor. It helps with soreness, keeps you relaxed, increases blood flow to the muscles you just worked on. And it takes about 5-10 minutes so go for it if you feel like it. 

Post-workout nutrition

A high protein diet with a relatively smaller portion of carbs and even fewer fats within the hour of working out is must. This is when the muscles are most hungry and ready to recover themselves with protein. The sooner you eat and healthier the diet, the better it would be for recovery; hence your goals would be achieved fast. 

Protein helps with muscle recovery and gaining muscle, while carbs help provide glycogen. But do not forget that you need sufficient amounts of healthy fats, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals. Water is an important part of our diet, which we often forget. Drink water after your body is cool and go a little easy on it. 


Keep track of your workout, diet, and progress. Note your weights, reps, and weight. Get a personalized workout and diet plan from a professional rather than going for trial and error methods. Take a cold water shower in the hot season, or an ice bath if you feel like it. Avoid hot water in winters, it might make the skin dry and itchy. 

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