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Serum: An Essential Product for Skincare

Serum skincare product
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When talking about skincare, we all are familiar with the essential skincare routine products such as micellar water, foaming cleanser, hydrating creams, and sunscreen. But another skincare product should be on the list of the essential ones. And today, we will be talking about it and its benefits.

Our star product is the serum. Serums have gained popularity over the past years and rightly so. Using them will bring a lot of benefits to your skin. So, bear with us while we dive into the waters of this amazing item.


What is in a serum?

This product is a formula of highly concentrated active ingredients intended to do specific actions. Depending on the type of skin that you have, you will have to choose your serum. They’re some that will control oily skin, others will combat lines of expression,and so on. This entirely depends on what your skin needs.

Another important point is that it has a light texture, and your skin will absorb it quickly. It doesn’t have an oily finish, which means that they’re ideal for any type of skin.


Why is it such an amazing product?


1. It’s more efficient than a hydrating cream

Hydrating creams nourish and protect the skin from any external agent. Due to its higher concentration of active ingredients, a serum will be more efficient than your cream. But a lot of people like to use serum and cream too. Not everyone needs this, maybe you could feel that you have all the hydration that you need just by using a serum. But if you have dry skin, then you’ll probably need the combination of these two products.

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You have to apply the serum after cleansing your face. You can leave it for a few minutes before applying solutions that are denser or include oil on them. 


2. Enhances the benefits of other products

This sounds incredible, right? And that is the reason you should apply it before hydrating cream, sunscreen, or makeup. It will help these products to extend easily through your face. As well, they`ll penetrate the different skin layers better and they’ll be more efficient. And the good part is that you don’t have to use a large quantity of the product. Just applying three or four drops would be enough to do the job.

For example, serums with hyaluronic acid enhance depigmenting creams. Hence, you’ll have better results if you combine them. Always try to check with your dermatologist what products can work better together. 


3. The serum has an immediate effect

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to see the results. This is not like a face mask that you have to leave on your face for 20 minutes. You just have to wait seconds to have all the benefits of this product. As well, you don’t need to re-apply it throughout the day; just using it once a day is fine. 

Maybe purchasing a serum can be out of your budget. But believe me, it’s worthy to have one, and it will last you months and months.

Serum skincare product

How to apply it?

As said before, you just need a few drops. You can choose to do one of these options.First, apply it directly to your face, and second, put the product on your fingers and then apply it. You can do the second one if you don’t like feeling a cold product. You can massage the product into your fingertips to warm it up and then apply it.

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You can extend it by using circular soft movements. Remember that your skin is delicate, and you shouldn’t be irritating it. You can also apply it creating a heart shape from the forehead towards the cheekbones. Don’t forget to always extend the product towards the chin. Do not forget to avoid the eye contour.


Most famous types of serums:


  • Antiaging serum

This type of serums will have an antioxidant action. Commonly, they have high concentrations of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients will stimulate collagen and elastin production. It will bring deep hydration to your skin while giving elasticity. This will reduce the lines of expression, eliminate wrinkles and will give a smooth texture to your face.


  • Night repair serum

While sleeping, your skin regenerates, and using a serum will enhance this skin capacity. This will help you to have healthier skin; you’ll see results after two weeks of using the product. Your skin will seem rested, healthy and hydrated soon after the day of using it. 


  • Concentrated day serum

This is ideal if you live in a city that has a lot of pollution. This type of serums will create a protective barrier. It will protect you from any external agents like dust or pollution. Regularly, this day serums have on their active ingredients ginger or sunflower. 


  • Whitening serum

This will be needed if you have sunspots or any acne marks. If you use it constantly you will see how your skin tone will get even. These serums work with ingredients that will reduce and combat pigmentation spots. You can mix this with a monthly peeling, and you’ll see incredible results on your skin tone. 

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  • Lifting serum

These types of serums promise to fill wrinkles and give your skin a firmer look. Applying it will make your skin look younger and very well cared for. If you don’t have wrinkles or line expression, then using this product will not be needed. 


Last thoughts:

If it is at all possible, then you should go to the dermatologist. Remember that they are professionals that know how to treat any skin condition. They know which product will work for your type of skin and will give you recommendations that are on your budget. There are some skincare things that you should know, and a professional can explain them deeply. 

Furthermore, try to avoid following the recommendations that your mom, another family member, or your friend gives you. Remember that what works on someone else’s skin not necessarily will work on yours. And sometimes experimenting with products can result in complications for your skin. Therefore, getting professional advice will always be a key to have healthy skin.


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