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7 Tips For Starting Workout After A Long Break

Starting Workout After A Long Break
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Getting back to the gym after taking a long break from a workout can be intimidating and frustrating. You will feel as if you have moved back a little in terms of fitness. There is also the fear of risking injury as you are out of practice. Here are a few tips that will help you as are starting workout after a long break:

1. Start slow

As you return to the gym, do not pick up where you left. Start slowly and build up the fitness level again. Doing too soon too fast can cause injury. If you took a break because of an injury, talk to your physio about the workout you should and should not do to ensure that the injury does not resurface.

2. Stretch well

This is like the first rule of working out. Stretch as long as you can to flex muscles to avoid any injury that happens while working out. If you have done strength training, you need to stretch post-workout too. Doing intense cardio after strength training can help in keeping muscle pain away. Stretching well is one of the crucial workout safety tips you should follow.

Starting Workout After A Long Break

3. Start with the easy ones

You must have been a power-lifter, but you had taken a break. Do not start from power-lifting but start with simple weights. Slowly regain your strength and stamina. Once you have the right strength, you can go back to power-lifting.

4. Take the help of a trainer

People who have been working out for a long duration do not really need any trainer’s help, but as you took a break, you should get some help when you join. A fitness trainer can help in correcting the postures so that you do not end up injuring yourself while working out. 

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Starting Workout After A Long Break

5. Start with small workout sessions

Working out for 2 hours straight the very first day is not right as your body will be over-exercised. Start from small sessions like 30 to 45 minutes and slowly increase the working out time. 

6. Choose the Right Gym

If you work out in a gym, you should choose one wisely as you need the right equipment to achieve your fitness goals. Also, a reputed gym like Fitness First Dubai will have good quality equipment to ensure your safety. 

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself

It is okay if you are unable to do certain workouts initially. It happens to the best. Your injury or the break must have stiffened your muscles. It takes some time and practice to loosen up. The key here is to be consistent and patient. Overdoing a workout due to enthusiasm will push you back to taking a break due to injury. Gradually increase the workout difficulty level and time.


The Bottom Line:

It is hard to take a few steps back as you start working out, but remember, it is important to do that for your own health. These useful tips for starting workout after a long break is what you should follow. Overdoing something your body is not prepared for will injure you and force you to stay away from working out for a longer duration, pushing you further back. Enjoy your workout and patiently build stamina again.



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