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6 Strategies to Help You Manage Family Stress

Written by Collins Nwokolo

Our families are important. They stick by you at all times, and most of us cannot even imagine life without them. We cannot deny the fact that there are times when family life can be extremely stressful.
I am sure all of us have face family stress at some point. Maybe because one of the breadwinners is unemployed suddenly, maybe there is some animosity between some people, or perhaps everyone is going through a tough time altogether.
The real deal is that we all need to learn how to manage family-induced stress because when family life is peaceful, life is generally peaceful as well. As someone who has been through her fair share of such issues, here is some of my best advice:


How to manage family stress

How To Manage Family Stress

1. Be a Listener

When people are facing a tough time as a family, I have noticed that an issue that keeps popping up is that no one is ready to listen to anyone else. Mostly, everyone involved in the experience has a good point to share, but the other party is not willing to listen.
You should try to be the bigger person and listen to everyone involved. Do not dismiss anything anyone has to say because at times like these even the slightest bit of provocation can prove to be disastrous.
Using phrases like “I understand your point,” “I empathize with you,” and even the simple action of nodding your head when someone is speaking can encourage them to let it out without holding back. Many people immediately feel better and are ready to start compromising when they feel that everyone has heard their point of view.

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2. Invite Everyone to Have a Discussion

Another reason why no problems in a family reach a solution is that many people avoid a discussion and this happens mainly because many of these people believe that a discussion in a family leads to no solution and everything ends up going further downhill.
You need to change this mindset and make sure that everyone who is involved attends the discussion. Sit everyone down and orchestrate the whole thing. Make sure that no one interrupts when one person is speaking.


3. Family Counseling

If you feel as if the matter is out of your hands and there is no hope left, you might want to go for family counseling. Keep in mind that professional counseling is quite expensive. Some insurance packages cover family counseling. You will need to talk to your insurance company about family counseling coverage first though.
Counseling is an excellent option because the counselors are professionals who have handled many dysfunctional cases before. Make sure that everyone attends the counseling sessions because even this becomes pointless if everyone involved does not attend.



4. Create a Peaceful Environment

It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but sometimes a family environment becomes very stressful because of the surroundings. For example, the colors of a room might be too sharp and irritating for the eyes and might make the older adults in the house too agitated. Other than that, make sure there isn’t too much noise or too much silence in the house.
You can even take some extra measures to keep the environment of your house happy. I love using a dry herb vaporizer to keep a cool and calm environment in the house. You can also light incense or play soft and peaceful music to achieve the same effect.

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Strategies to manage family stress

5. Keep a Check on Your Lifestyle

You need to evaluate the lifestyle of everyone in the family and make sure that no one is indulging in harmful behavior and habits of any sort.
Many people end up drinking uncontrollably, smoking, or doing drugs when they find that they cannot cope with all the stress. If you are one of these people, you need to take steps to control your addiction. Other than that, if you see other people of the family indulging in such behavior, try to discourage it as much as possible. Don’t be too harsh with them; try to talk them out of their habit.
If you see that your words do not have any effect on them, you might want to ask them if they wish to join a rehab.


6. Spend Time Together

Lastly, try to create an environment where everyone spends time with each other as often as they can. One of the best times to sit with your family is during meals. Ask everyone who is using their phones at dinnertime not to do so but be polite about it.
Also, if there is something on the television during mealtime, make sure everyone is interested in it, so they can discuss it during commercials or after it ends.
You can also go out with your family members on dinners and picnics where you can indulge in conversation and realize how much you all value each other.

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Carolina Martel
Carolina is a mother of two kids. She loves writing about the physical and mental behavior of the children and adults. Her passion for writing reflects every aspect of life including social issues and a healthy lifestyle. She ritually writes at


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