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3 Easy Tips for Achieving Body-Mind Balance

Why you should take care of your health
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Everybody wants to be the best possible version of themselves, living a happy life. It’s all about physical wellbeing and mental health, but more importantly, about realizing they’re connected. This means that thriving in life requires achieving that body-mind balance.
In today’s fast rhythm of life that might seem impossible. You might say there’s no time to plan your menus or shop for proper food, not to talk about regular exercise.

If you think you’re too busy to achieve that body-mind balance, you should know that it’s all a matter of perspective. That’s why we’re going to take another angle at our lives and show you a couple of tips you can incorporate into your daily routines without becoming overwhelmed.


3 Easy to Follow Tips for Achieving Body-Mind Balance

How To Achieve Body-Mind Balance

1. Nutrition

The usual way we fight stress is to chew on something throughout the day. That is perfectly fine, as long as that something is not snacks and cookies. Next time when you got to the supermarket for this kind of stress-relief, go for raw seeds and nuts. They’ll clean your intestines from all the junk and provide you with much more energy.

You probably know that you should eat your fruits, but that doesn’t mean only bananas. Variations are very important, and you can think in term of colors – put together orange, green, and red. Then dig dipper into those colors and alternate between orange and mandarines, pears and apples, berries and grapes, etc.

One thing you should definitely avoid is red meat. You can eat it once a week, but you should know that oily fish such as tuna and salmon is much better for your body as a true source of protein.

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Calories are not your enemy if they come from real healthy food. Instead of starving yourself, simply stay away from rich, fried, or sugary food. Just pretend that bread and butter basket at restaurants doesn’t exist.

And don’t gulp your food down too quickly. You need to chew it until it becomes almost liquid. This is the real road to eating less since proper chewing will do wonders for your digestion.
Water is your most vital nutrient, so don’t wait for a cup until you’re thirsty as hell – you should consume at least six glasses per day. On the other hand, you can skip your soda and coffee intake and replace it with vegetable juices and tea.
We know that this busy world makes you eat out a lot, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. Restaurants have healthy food, too, so it’s all about ordering right.


2. Exercise

how to stay hydrated before workouts

Your nutrition can be top-notch, but there’s no real body-mind balance if you’re not active throughout the day. You can start small by simply adding movement to your routine. Instead of taking the lift, start taking the stairs. Every step counts, even inside your office. So stop using the phone and start approaching your colleagues. It also improves your social health.

In order to really get moving, you need to get out. Nature itself does wonders for our wellbeing, and there’s so much you can do – from simple walks to running, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, pilates, yoga, etc. If you have a hard time finding the motivation alone, switch to competitive sports. Gather up some buddies and hit the basketball or football terrains.

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Now, we understand that contact sports are not for everyone, but that’s not the reason to back out. If you want proper exercise and some quality time with your friends without ending up with cuts and bruises, golf is the way to go. You’d be surprised to know how many health benefits this sport actually has. If you’re afraid that your skills are not ready for the golf course, you can start with Swing eagle right in your garden. You’ll get the hang of it in no time and won’t be able to wait to show your swing to your buddies.

Once you boost your condition from the things mentioned above, it’s time to include strength training. It is not just about being strong, but also about becoming aware of each part of your body. And it’s not just an exercise for your muscles since it also requires extra mental focus. Just make sure you work your core first. It’s the trunk of your body that supports the rest of it. If it’s weak, the back pain is guaranteed, especially if you spend most of your time sitting in front of a computer. This needs to be the first step that will improve your posture, balance, and oxygen intake. The rest is on you, but don’t be afraid to push your limits gradually – you should feel stronger if you wish to feel more powerful, and sitting in a chair simply doesn’t’ do that.


3. Diving Within

Why you should take care of your health

It’s true that the rhythm of modern life is very fast, but there is a way to slow it down. All you need to do is to let people know you don’t want to be disturbed, turn your phone off and enjoy some quiet time. Just 30 minutes per day will be enough to recharge yourself. Of course, it’s important to keep your home in good order for this to work. It’s also a good idea to surround yourself with plants that will boost your mood and put fresh oxygen back into the air.
If you’re a person that likes to meditate, that will certainly bring many benefits to your quiet time. If you’re not, you can simply turn to a calming effect of the deep conscious breathing. Simply find a comfortable chair, relax your shoulders, straighten your back and take a deep breath. While holding your breath for a count of three, include some visualization – imagine that every cell in your body is being reborn. After you repeat this eight times, you’ll certainly feel like that.

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That’s it – we can say that the balance is achieved, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be maintained. You can additionally boost it with small things on the go – nurture your relationships, remember to be grateful, and foster a sense of humor. Try learning new skills and never stop challenging yourself.

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