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4 Practical Tips To Level Up Your Fitness Game

Tips To Level Up Your Fitness Game
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As the New Year is getting closer, many have already set resolutions to boost their health. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with establishing fitness goals, it’s essential not to fall into an extreme to achieve those goals.

There’s no point in exhausting your physical and mental energy by following a new workout trend or fad diet. In fact, this will either make you quit early or, at worst, lead to injury or burnout

So, what if you ditched unrealistic goals and focused on changing your lifestyle instead? That’s a more helpful perspective, as it allows you to develop behaviours that will enhance different areas of your life.

Building a healthier lifestyle teaches you balance and discipline. Besides looking and feeling your best, you’ll also become a better version of yourself, setting an example for those around you.

Tips To Level Up Your Fitness Game

Fitness is about a lot more than your looks

Sure, everyone wants to feel confident about how they look, but fitness is about more than your appearance. It also impacts your mood, focus, and -drumroll- mental health! Exercise is imperative to maintaining your health and can considerably improve the quality of your life. 

Workout challenges don’t have a long-term effect because, realistically speaking, you are only human, and there may be times when your schedule is thrown off. 

But when you embrace a healthy lifestyle, you learn to adapt and practice balance and moderation. Even if you can’t go to the gym, you find alternative ways of getting a workout in, such as using the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

You don’t beat yourself up for ‘messing up’ because you keep realistic expectations and take off the pressure. This is a more sustainable approach to fitness. With that said, consider the following tips to improve your fitness routine.

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1. Make it enjoyable

The best way to stay consistent is to choose exercises you enjoy – otherwise, you’ll end up feeling drained, not only physically but also emotionally. You shouldn’t view exercise as something you MUST do, but rather as something you LOVE doing.

And shifting to this mindset is only possible if you exercise in a pleasant way.

For example, if you enjoy running, set a schedule to do it for at least 45 minutes daily. Other options are cycling, jogging, and swimming. When exercising feels good, it’s easier to stick to it in the long run. 

Remember, it’s not about doing the most intense exercise but rather about remaining consistent with your fitness routine.

Another way to make exercising fun is by working out while listening to your favourite playlist.

This will boost exercise endurance and add enjoyment. Plus, it will change your perception of it, making it feel less tiring. You can also consider finding a workout partner. Like-minded exercisers won’t only boost your fitness routine but also your social life!

2. Give cannabis a try

Over the years, cannabis has become an appealing alternative to traditional medicine, and that’s due to its potential health benefits – which aren’t a few.

So many products have been developed over the years to fit everyone’s preferences, so nowadays, CBD can be found in the form of edibles, lotions, vapes, tinctures, and so on.

But the best part about cannabis is that you can even grow the plant yourself and enjoy its benefits. On, you can learn more about the different types of cannabis seeds and the harvest process.  

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Research suggests that 80% of cannabis consumers use the substance to improve their workout routines. But why is that so? Is there a link between marijuana and exercise? Well, that’s what studies say! Cannabis increases focus during a workout session, making it more productive.

Moreover, it boosts post-workout recovery due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. So, why not give cannabis a try yourself and see how it can benefit your workouts? CBD bath salts work wonders after a killer workout! Tinctures are also great, and you can easily incorporate them into your post-workout routine. Or you can try CBD body oil!

As you can see, there are different alternatives, and it’s about finding what’s right for you. You can also consider purchasing feminised seeds to eliminate the tiresome work of maintaining male plants. Feminised cannabis strains induce relaxation and can help lift your mood, keeping you motivated to stick to your fitness routine.

3. Use a fitness app

Consider using an app if you find it challenging to commit to your workouts. Fortunately, in the digital era, there is almost anything you can’t find on the Internet.

So, why not take advantage of technology and download a fitness app on your device? Think of them as fitness instructors that will motivate you to stick to your exercise routine and stay hydrated.

Believe it or not, the best fitness apps may actually change your life – literally. Regardless of where you are in your workout routine, there is an app for everyone who wants to smash their health goals.

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Whether you want to do meditation, your morning ritual, or fancy a personalised workout designed to fit your needs, chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for – and in some cases, you may enjoy training resources without having to pay for it!

4. Avoid crash diets

Don’t deprive yourself of the foods you love just for the sake of getting fit. Instead, think about how you can eat healthier meals.

For instance, cooking at home and using clean ingredients can make a significant difference.

The goal is to become more mindful of what you eat, but that doesn’t mean completely eliminating something from your diet. The idea is to allow some foods (such as sweets) in moderation.

Crash dieting can harm your health, weakening your immune system and causing dehydration. It also lowers your energy levels, leading to fatigue.

Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives, such as including more proteins, avoiding processed foods, and – obviously- exercising. Crash diets’ effects are only momentary, but developing healthy fitness habits is a real game-changer!  

Last words

Sticking to a fitness routine keeps illness away, strengthening your muscles and bones and increasing your ability to engage in daily activities. The most challenging part is motivating yourself to start exercising, but once it becomes a lifestyle, you’ll soon reap the rewards.


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