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Top 10 Healthy Foods For Golf Players

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It is undeniable that food plays an important part in the state of our health and obviously for people playing sports including golf. In case you desire to become a better golf player, not only should you investigate on practicing but you also need to make sure that you are having a suitable meal. Facts have shown that what you eat will directly have influence on your source of energy and the ability to perform well, making it reasonable to understand that you should have wise choice for your daily foods.

In this article, readers are provided with top 10 foods for golf players. They are not only delicious but is also really beneficial for your golf performance.
1.  Nuts
One of the best foods which can improve your golf performance is nuts. In reality, it is evident that nuts such as pecans, walnuts, almonds as well as green peas can effectively help you have a greater source of energy to play golf better. More particularly, an abundant source of protein and zinc in nuts will be responsible for your staying full longer and supply you with a necessary amount of stamina. In fact, nuts are mong the best ways to boost your stamina. One thing to take notice is that don’t use nuts with salt because it may cause you to be eager for water.
2.  Peanut Butter
The perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly sandwich is another way to help you have a better golf performance. Not only is butter peanut tasty, it is also really good for your health. Loaded with a valuable amount of protein, peanut butter will assist you in having more energy during your playing golf.
– Warm up some peanut butter
– Spread it into wheat bread
3.  Fruits
You may not know but the habit of eating fruits, especially fresh fruits can effectively improve your golf performance. Without crashing yourself, fresh fruits are able to function as an energy supplier. More than this, due to the richness in fiber and many other important nutrients, fruits will relax yourself, enhance your strength and
encourage you to have a better performance. Some common fruits which are highly recommended for golf players are pears, apples, oranges as well as guavas.
4.  Beef
It seems that men, especially ones who usually go to gym rooms are familiar with beef. However, not everyone knows that this meat can also a choice for golf player. Thanks to a powerhouse of protein and energy, beef may support you to feel fuller, making it good for golf performance.
5.  Sunflower Seeds
It is evident that one of the most popular applications of sunflower seeds is in people who play golf. In reality, sunflower seeds are ideal choice for slow games including golf ones. Hence, let’s pick some sunflower seeds to put into your pocket and enjoy it during your round of golf.
6.  Blueberries
One mechanism behind benefits of blueberries is to improve golf activities. One thing
to take notice is that frozen blueberries will take a better effect on you in comparison to fresh blueberries.
7.  Cheese
Cheese is a favorite food for many children. Also, it is an usual name people mention when it comes to foods for golf players. In reality, cheese can be a great supplier of essential nutrients which you need for a round of golf. They can be listed as proteins, zinc, healthy fats, etc.
8.  Vegetable Sticks
In case you find these above foods do not meet your expectation, let’s try vegetable sticks. Some people may misunderstand that vegetable is a special food for one who want to lose weight. However, in fact, vegetable stick can bring your gold performance into a better result. Some common vegetable sticks which people choose is carrots sticks, celery sticks or cucumber sticks.
9.  Boiled Eggs
Egg lovers should be really happy when hearing this news. In fact, hard-boiled eggs are so good for golf players. This ability is attributed to the fact that boiled eggs keep you feeling full all the time thanks to its loading with protein, healthy fats, etc.
10. Bread
It is certain that bread is one of our main sources of food every day. It provides much energy instantly to help us perform daily activities. The same thing can be applied in the case you want to increase the performance at golf course. You will become more energetic than ever and it also improves your ability of concentration. However, it is important to remember that you should eat bread at least one hour before playing golf.
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