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Top 7 Most Effective Weight Loss Foods In The Universe

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When thinking of the best foods to eat to lose weight, it is good to understand that most of these calories have not been created in the same way. In this case, different types of foods pass through different metabolic stages. And because of this, they can have greatly varied effects on hormones, some calories we expend and hunger.
Below are 7 most effective weight loss foods on the universe:

1. Whole  Eggs
Eggs have for quite a long time been associated with high levels of cholesterol. However, in the recent times, the trend has changed, and everybody seems to change their attitude towards their consumption. According to new studies, eggs do not actually cause heart attacks or negatively affect blood cholesterol. Above all, eggs stand out as one of the most effective foods you can eat when trying to shed some pounds.
In a study involving 30 overweight women participants, the findings indicated that consuming eggs at breakfast in place of bagels improved their satiety leading to their consuming less for the subsequent 36 hours. In another study held for 8 weeks, the findings showed that as compare to bagels, eating eggs for breakfast enhanced weight loss in individuals on a calorie restricted diet. Eggs are heavy laden with nutrients and can help the body acquire the needed nutrients when dieting. Most of these are located in the yolk.  Anti-inflammatory foods can also help you if you are keen on losing weight.
2. Leafy Greens
Eating leafy greens is also very important if you want to lose weight. These include vegetables such as Swiss chards, spinach, and kale among others. They contain various fat burning properties and therefore the best when it comes to weight loss. Most importantly, they contain high levels of fiber and are low both in carbohydrates and calories. If you intent to increase your portion without risking high amounts of calories, then consuming more of the leafy greens can be a wise idea. Various research findings indicate that low energy dense diets and meals can help people reduce their overall calorie intakes. They are highly nutritious and rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The calcium contained in leafy greens has been greatly associated with fat burning; this is according to proven scientific studies.
3. Salmon
Eat salmon if you want to lose weight. It is healthy and will keep you full for long. Heavy laden with healthy fats, important nutrients and quality proteins, salmon along with seafood and fish contain iodine, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the thyroid to maintain the body’s high metabolic rate. In this case, focusing on glozine lifestyle fitness is important in this respect.
4. Cruciferous vegetables
These include cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Just like most vegetables, this type is equally rich in fiber and quite satisfying. Besides, they are also known to contain a considerable amount of protein, though not as high as legumes or animal products, but high as compared to other types of vegetables.
5. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast
Although meat has been wrongly classified as unhealthy; linking it to numerous health conditions, scientific studies have shown that eating unprocessed meat DOESN’T increase the risk of diabetes or heart condition. 
Two review analyses have, however, indicated that there is a slight relationship between cancer and red meat in men but not in women. All in all, meat is just another great food you need if you want to lose weight.
6. Boiled potatoes
Although most people tend to shy away from white potatoes, they contain some ingredients that can help greatly in weight loss and keep you healthy. Potatoes are rich in a variety of important nutrients. They contain potassium, which is a rare nutrient in some people and critically important when it comes to controlling blood pressure. It is likely that when you consume boiled white potatoes, you will remain full for long and therefore eat less at the next meal.
7. Tuna
Tuna is rich in proteins but low in calories and low in fat attributing to its lean nature. Many fitness celebrities and body builders have been largely associated with consumption of tuna in their bid to maintain their high protein levels about their daily calorie intakes.

Focusing on foods that can help you lose weight is vital but equally important is combining both exercise and a healthy diet. So eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep your weight in check.
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