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Top 6 Beard Grooming Tips for Modern Men

Beard grooming tips for Modern Men
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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Apart from giving you a sharp and manly look, your beard can offer health benefits like protection from sunburn, warmth in winter and prevention from acne. However, maintaining an epic beard is a result of personal efforts and patience.

Growing a mature beard is one thing and making it a head turner is a whole different experience. At its best, your facial hair enhances the facial features and shape, but it always takes time to learn the best beard grooming techniques and investing in the best grooming tools and care products.

Knowing the right tools and products for your facial hair can be tricky, but you can identify the best toolkit from grooming tips and product reviews. It is important to understand the best beard size and style that suits your type of face and profession. Some beard size and shapes are fit in an official set up while others look more casual and are considered a fashion for the entertainment and sports industry. Whichever the case, regular washing, and trimming are critical to achieve and maintain a sharp and appealing appearance.

A well-maintained beard can mean winning the hearts of hiring managers, women and even your peers. The following six tips below can help you to utilize this beauty weapon accurately and with ease.

Top 6 Useful Beard Grooming Tips For Modern Men

Beard grooming tips for Modern Men

1. Patience Pays 

To get your desired thick and long beard is not an issue of just a few days. It takes a lot of patience and tolerance to grow a fully mature beard, especially during the first few weeks. It is advisable to keep off the scissors and trimmers for a few months to allow even and thick beard growth. It may be itch and center of criticism, but you should not divert from your dream, and with time you will be proud of your efforts and patience.

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2. Pick the Right Style 

One of the secrets behind a good looking beard is matching your beard and your facial shape and hairstyle. Though picking a beard style is about experimenting and uniquely expressing yourself, it helps to learn the best size and style that suits and compliments your type of face. An oval-shaped face generally works with most of the styles, but a more rounded or square face works well with shorter side-hairs and fuller at the bottom. If you don’t know the best style for your face, you can consult a professional groomer in your local salon.

Beard grooming tips for Modern Men

3. Know how and when to Trim

After your beard is grown for a few months, it will require pruning to keep it neat and uniform. Trimming involves removal of overgrown and any stray hair strands. The best time to trim your facial hairs is after a shower, but you should ensure that the beard is dry, which makes the hairs hydrated for easy cutting. Brushing your facial hairs before trimming untangle knots as well as settles your beard for optimal grooming.


4. Invest in the best tools 

Proper beard grooming requires bringing your barbershop to your home. Purchase the best quality beard trimmers, shears, brush and comb to simplify the grooming experience. Having a complete beard grooming toolkit can make a difference between a sharp beard and a badly done one. Learn the tool that suits your grooming requirements and how to use them to achieve the best results. Different tools vary regarding features, accessories, ease of use and price and you should do your best to get the best value for your money. Hair Clippers Club is a good starting point when you are shopping for professional grooming tools.

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5. Cleanliness Matters 

Regular beard washing removes dirt and dust as well as improves the skin health. It also eliminates foul smell, itchiness, and dandruff. Use warm water to open the hair follicles to promote healthy beard growth. You may use a special beard shampoo or a regular facial wash. Also, remember to pat the beard with a towel to dry it gently. A snowy beard makes you feel fresh and smell good.



6. Beard Oiling and Brushing

Oiling your beard regularly conditions the hairs and moisturizes the underneath skin to give it a nice and natural shape as well as softer and glowing looks. Oiling also stimulates hair growth making your beard longer and thicker.

Brushing or combing your beard is also necessary as it trains you hairs to grow in your intended direction, distributes the natural oil (sebum) and makes your beard smart and attractive.

Another critical and mostly missed beard grooming aspect is the art of mastering your trimming lines and shaving limits. It is essential to define the best neckline and smile line to make your beard look awesome. It can be frustrating if you trim your beard wrongly as you cannot undo after shaving. Fortunately, hairs will grow back, and you can recover from any of such mistakes.

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