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Top Companies in the US offering Health Coverage

Top Companies in the US offering Health Coverage
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Your health is hands down the most important thing. One can only truly enjoy the luxuries and thrill of life when they are at their best health.

In the US, ensuring good health requires that you have quality health coverage. This helps in reducing medical care, hence making healthcare affordable for the masses.

According to Statista, over 67.3 percent of US citizens have private health insurance, and the cumulative health insurance premium amounts to over 185.5 billion dollars.

In 2020, the importance of health coverage has increased even more. Considering the recent pandemic outbreak in the form of COVID-19, having sound coverage can ensure that you receive timely medical care if the need arises.

Merely having health coverage is not enough. You must strive to get the best health insurance coverage possible. As per Value Penguin, there are over 900 health insurance companies in the US. Selecting the best one can get tricky.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you pick the right one! Here are the top companies operating in the US that offer quality health coverage.

Top Companies in the US offering Health Coverage

Top Companies in the US offering Health Coverage


1. USHealth Group

Health insurance provided by USHealth Group has satisfied over 15 million people so far. The company has been operating in the US for more than 50 decades and is known for offering innovative packages that are tailored to customer needs. This is in stark comparison to some of the other companies that offer standard insurance for all.

Differentiating features of all of its health coverage packages include uninterrupted service, portable coverage, wellness benefits, and applicability to any doctor and hospital within the country. The company has received the Gold Stevie Award for three consecutive years, starting from 2017.

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If you are in need of quality coverage, you can peruse their nine packages and select one which seems best for you. You can then customize it further as per your needs.

  2. UnitedHealth

UnitedHealth is both health as well as a well-being company with expertise in clinical, data, and health information and advanced technology. Apart from serving clients within the US, the insurance company also runs its operation in over 130 other countries.

It makes use of two platforms to deliver their services. Firstly, UnitedHealthcare helps in offering healthcare coverage, while Optum delivers technology-enabled health services.

UnitedHealthcare doesn’t just help individuals and employers. Instead, it uses its network to help healthcare providers and brokers to best serve their customers as well as employees.

3. Anthem, Inc

Anthem, Inc. is quite popular in the US for all the right reasons. The vision of the company is to improve the lives of the masses by simplifying the healthcare process. Anthem is affiliated with a wide variety of companies, through whom it serves more than 78 million people.

Out of these 78 million people, over 41 million are those directly making use of its health plans. Its affiliated services deliver PPOs, HMOs, and network-based dental products. By combining flexibility and innovation with cost-effectiveness, Anthem manages to deliver comprehensive plans tailored to specific customer needs.

4.  Cigna

The chances are you have already heard of Cigna. This medical insurance company is top-rated in the US. With over 17 million clients, this insurance company also delivers its health insurance and services to other companies in the world.

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Headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Cigna offers corporate health insurance, dental, vision, behavioral health, Medicare retirement benefits, etc. as well. Within the US, the company delivers its insurance services in 11 states including Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, California, and North Carolina


Health Care Service Corporation, or HCSC, is by far the largest customer-owned medical insurance company in the US. Currently, it successfully services over 16 million individuals. Its operations are concentrated on only five states, including Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Montana.

HCSC delivers various types of insurance products, which include both health and life insurance. To ensure variety in options, the company operates through affiliates and subsidiaries.

Some of its notable partnerships include Dearborn Group and TriWest Healthcare Alliance, Availity, Medecision, and Dental Network of America.

6. WellCare

WellCare specializes mainly in government-sponsored managed care services. These services are generally limited to individuals, children, seniors, or families that have a complex medical need, which may be met through Medicaid or Medicare.

As of 2019, the company serves over 6.4 million people through its health plans.

Ending Remarks

Each of these six health insurance companies has managed to satisfy its members and deliver comprehensive health coverage plans. Whether or not they are suitable for you depends on your healthcare needs. However, rest assured that when it comes to reliability, none of these companies fall short. They are so many compelling reasons to get health insurance today.

Gauge your financial standing and healthcare needs and decide on a plan that offers you the best package of them all.

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Do you think there are other health coverage options worth mentioning on this list? Let us know below.



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