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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Expired Food

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Have you ever wondered what happened if you consume a food that has gone past it’s expiry date? I am sure you have. A lot of food stuffs today carry an expiry date  or a best before tag, most especially canned foods. And probably you might  have also mistakenly or ignorantly eaten a food that is past expiration.
Today you’ll find out the answers to questions like, what does an expiry date mean? what foods are especially dangerous when they expire? and what health risk are associated with eating expired food?
What an expiry date really means?
Every foodstuff you buy, carries a lot of dates on it. Manufacturing date, sell-by date, use-by date, and best before. These dates are easily understood except the use-by and best before date, which I will explain comprehensively.
The best before date means that the food is at it’s best quality before that  date. It doesn’t mean the food is no longer safe for eating few days after that date.
The use-by date means that the food is no longer useful or usable before that date. It also doesn’t mean that the food is unsafe for eating a few days after that date.
However, the expiration date is the date last date a food can be eaten and eating foods beyond that date could pose health risks.
It is important that you understand what these dates mean, because most foods carry either two or all of the dates.
The health risks of eating expired food varies, there can be no problem or severe issue. It simply depends on what food you eat, when you eat it and how it is stored.
Foods that should not be eaten after expiration.
Some foods should be especially noted so as the avoided after expiring. Some examples are:
Eggs: eating eggs after their the fifth week of buy them is dangerous. Bacteria can form in the eggshell leading to infection.
Soft cheeses: they are easily infected by listeria.
Raw chicken: Once raw chicken has stayed for 5 days and beyond it becomes very unsafe to eat.
Fresh berries: they carry a parasite known as cyclospora, which causes diarrhea.
Canned foods e.g tomato sauce (lasts for 18 months).
Health risks of eating expired foods
When you eat an unsafe food that has gone well past it’s expiration date, your body will badly affected. The most common effect is food poisoning.
Food poisoning: is basically caused by eating contaminated or infected food. The expired food is usually infected due to growth of harmful pathogens.
Common symptoms are:
• vomiting
• diarrhoea , which may contain blood or mucus
• stomach cramps and abdominal (tummy) pain
• weakness
• loss of appetite
• high temperature (fever).
Treatments for food poisoning due to eating expired food
Most of the time, you can recover from food poisoning without treatment because of your immune system. But you should see your doctor if its a baby, a pregnant woman or an elderly person is affected.
But it is recommended that you rest a lot and drink enough water till you feel better.
Thanks for reading.
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