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10 Things You Must To Do Live A Healthy Safe Life.

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How to live a healthy safe life
Health plays an important role in your life. If you are medically fit and healthy, your quality of life will be much better and you will do everything with enthusiasm and devotion. Sickness causes hell of negative effects on your mental and physical state. There are a few simple tricks which you can apply to make yourself healthier and happy than ever before. There is absolutely nothing which is difficult or complicated to adopt. A few simple habits and you will start feeling better in a few days.
How to live a healthy safe life
Healthy Habits to Adopt Today:
It is a cruel fact we consider everything prior to our health and that is really bad for us. We ignore so many little things which we should do to avoid illnesses and stay fit. Though there is nothing new or out of the world which we are going to state but you can take it as a check list or a reminder for our daily routine. You will witness yourself that you are not doing so many of these little acts of staying safe and healthy.
1. Wash your Hands:
It is one of the basic habits which we teach to our kids but we often ignore washing hands before taking meal. To state honestly, it is the most obvious reason of falling ill because germs are easily transferred to our stomach from our hands and we sometime catch serious stomach issues. We cannot hold our hands from touching several good or bad things at every second so it should be a most often practice to wash your hands with soap.
How to live a healthy safe life
2. Stretching is Healthy:
Our muscles do need a quick exercise while we are doing some work sitting in a chair. Stretching helps muscles to stay active and stress free. It is a great way to live a healthy life everyday.
It is really important for those who work on a computer and sit there for long hours. Stretching makes the blood circulation smooth and our muscles will not get stiffness. According to doctors, stretching in the morning is quite important to avoid muscle stiffness and pain.
How to live a healthy safe life
3. Eat a healthy breakfast:
It’s a sad fact that we often skip our breakfast being late for college, school or office. It’s a common practice of almost 75% of working people and students. There are two main reasons to take healthy breakfast, first of all, breakfast provides a proper nutrition to your body to kick start your day with energy. The energy level which you get recharged in morning will work for the rest of the day, or at least till the next meal is served. Secondly, a healthy breakfast makes is possible for you to avoid snacks. Easting junk food and unhealthy snacks makes you fat and unfit. Fatness is no less than an illness and you should take care of it if it happens. There are several weight loss foods and diet available in market which you can use to reduce your obesity and make you slim.
4. Take Shower:
Taking shower daily is as important as to take a healthy meal. A good shower will take away the dirt, germs and odor from your body and make you feel refreshed and energized for whole day. Do not take shower in a hurry, make your bathing time a relaxing and pampering time for you. You will feel a positive effect on your mood as well.
5. Sharing personals is unhealthy:
Make sure to keep your personal items at safe place and avoid sharing them with anyone else. By personal items we mean the things which are directly in contact with your body for example tooth brush, safety razor, contact lenses, nail clipper, undergarments and towels. Such items can be a great source of transferring germs to one another.
6. Cut your nails
Make sure to have short and clean nails. It’s a fashion and beauty trend to keep long nails but the sad truth is that nails are the major reside for the germs. Germs can stay under your nails even after washing your hands. Make it a daily practice to cut and clean your nails. If you do this, you’ll be neat, healthy and safe.
7. Drink water:
Drinking sufficient water is important to flush out the toxins from your body. Make it a practice to take at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. It will not only make your body clean from unhealthy substances but also keep it properly hydrated. If you are dehydrated, you can fell ill quite often.
8. Say No to Junk food items:
Junk food is quite appealing, specially kids are easily attracted towards it but it is poisoning our bodies slowly and steadily. Fast food is full of trans fats, spices and artificial flavors with can cause severe health issues. The fats which are used I fast food produced cholesterol in your body which hardens the arteries. Switch to healthy homemade food to avoid weight gain and diseases.



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9. Daily exercise:
Daily workout is as important as a healthy diet for your body. If you are taking proper diet and not exercising with that, your body will not be able to consume the calories it has taken and it will lead your body to a fat building process. Make sure to add exercise in your daily routine. Exercising regularly at all time will give you a healthy life, don’t neglect it.

10. Maintain good mental health
Mental and emotional health is equally good as a good physical health. Living a stress free life, sleeping well, practicing mindful meditation and improving your social health are great ways to have an outstanding mental health.


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