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5 Best Drinks For Successful Weight Loss.

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You are what you eat, but are you also what you drink? Yes! Living a healthy life involves more that eating healthy food, it also means taking in the right fluids. As we eat food, we also take drinks.
Drinking healthy drinks cannot just help you live a healthy safe life, but help you lose weight fast, such drinks are called weight loss drinks. How do weight loss drinks work? It is important to note that no drink can miraculously help you lose weight fast. These weight loss drinks are simply drinks contain fewer calories and contain vital nutrients. Switching from calories rich drinks do these calorie free weight loss fluids will help you shed pounds. So today I will show the 5 most effective weight loss drinks that you should add to your diet. I will equally list out some high calorie drinks to avoid, so that you can successfully lose weight. So as you can see, there’s so much yo learn today, please read on.
Weight loss drinks

1. Coconut water
Coconut water is perfect for weight loss and rehydration. There are so many health benefits of drinking coconut water. It is packed with enriching nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and fiber. Why is cocount water good and recommended for weight loss? First, a cup of coconut contains just 46 calories, second, it enhances metabolic rate by improving thyroid function.  It is a good option when compared to packaged drinks and even water.

Weight loss drinks

2. Green tea
Green tea is a perfect drink for losing weight fast. It is packed with many powerful and beneficial nutrients that keeps your body very healthy. Green tea is very popular because of its detoxification properties. It is one of the best skinny tea detox for a successful weight loss. Why? It contains 1 Calorie per 100 mL and contains phytochemicals , such as polyphenols that have antioxidant properties.
Admittedly, moderate use of green tea is healthy and safe, but overconsumption has been reported to cause liver toxicity in humans.
3. Smoothies and Juices
Another effective drinks for weight loss are smoothies and juices. For one most fruits and vegetables are low in calorie, low in fat, and packed with necessary fibers and vital vitamins, along with antioxidants that will keep you satisfied and full of energy as you lose weight. Furthermore, they are delicious, cheap and amazingly easy to make at home. Some nice smoothies and juices I recommend are, vanilla almond smoothie, fresh melon juice and pineapple juice.
Weight loss drinks.

4. Protein Shakes
What’s the most essential nutrient for adequate weight loss? Many would say proteins! Proteins are vital for weight loss and drinking protein shakes is a calorie free way to rehydrate yourself, lose weight and burn belly fat. Protein shakes can be easily made by mixing protein powder with water or other beneficial ingredients. Why is drinking protein shakes good for weight loss? It is few in calories, it help you feel full and reduces appetite. In fact,one study in 2015, found out that Dietary protein at breakfast  can enhance satiety and reduce calorie intake throughout the day.

Weight loss drinks

5. Oolong tea
Oolong tea is a drink for weight loss that originated in China. In fact , Oolong tea means ” black dragon” in Chinese. Why is oolong tea termed as an effective weight loss drink and  what the evidences that suggest so? First, it boosts metabolism and enhances the body’s ability to metabolise fat. It also contains polyphenols which are responsible for its weight loss abilities. A specific polyphenol called catechin present in oolong tea has been widely credited for giving oolong tea its weight loss properties. In 2009, a study was published on the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine that supported ability of oolong tea to help you shed pounds. This sstudy stated that, participants in the study who took oolong tea for six weeks lost up to six pounds.
Another animal study in 2014, published in The Journal of Nutrition reported that oolong tea aided in weight loss even when the animals were exposed to a high-sugar diet. It is advisable to lower temperature and allow for shorter sleeping times, when preparing oolong tea. So as to benefit fully from this magnificent weight loss drink.
So there you have it, 5 powerful drinks that will help you lose weight. But before we conclude, let me briefly list the drinks to avoid for weight loss.
Drinks To Avoid For Weight Loss
1. Alcohol
2. Energy drinks
3. Iced tea
4. Skim milk
5. Soft drinks.
So, you’ve successfully learned the drinks that you should consume more when you are desiring to lose weight. I really hope this article was beneficial to you. Please I would to hear your thoughts, so please comment freely.
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