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4 cool ways to lose weight without exercising

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Cool ways to lose weight without exercising
There’s always a shortcut to everything, including the ways to lose weight. Losing weight happens in two main, basic ways. Its either you burn fat and calories or you eat fewer fat and calories. The first way will work effectively with exercise. But does everyone have interest in exercising?  No.
Additionally, health conditions, lack of time and other varying circumstances may not leave us with time to exercise. But as I said earlier, there’s always a shortcut. You won’t need to register for any fitness programs, go through rigorous or “mathematical-like” exercises. Because today you will learn about 4 super cool ways to  lose weight without exercising. So let’s move.
Cool ways without exercising sex
1. Sex

   Sex is one of the most awesome ways to lose weight. Of course it involves physical activity just like normal exercising but they are different. You don’t need to do squats, or any fitness instructions. In sex, you are the fitness instructor, you can decide what form of exercise you want to do.
It’s possible that you could lose over a hundred calories while engaging in a sexual activity. But sex also does a lot more, sex will decrease the desire to eat fat and carbohydrates. It lowers your appetite for junk food.
So focus on having a great time with your partner and you will not just lose weight, you will also gain a lot of love and pleasure (except it’s 50 shades of grey).

2. Good dieting
   This actually the best and most recommended way to lose weight without having to exercise. A lot of people might also that proper dieting is also tedious. Do you know that it is much more easier to lose weight by decreasing calorie intake than jumping everywhere trying to burn fat.
It is not difficult if you really want to lose weight and get healthy. Basically you have to modify your dietary intake into those that have less calories.
Well it is recommended to consume less than 1300 calories per day. If you don’t know how to count calories or calculate calories , you can look it up on the internet.
Furthermore, lessen the intake of  beer and alcohol. They make you get fat and are equally not going to help you get healthy.
Cool ways to lose weight without exercising sleep
3. Sleep like a snail
   It is said that a snail sleeps for 3 years straight. I am not saying you should sleep that long. What I am saying is that if you want to lose weight without contracting a muscle, sleep more often.
More sleep will lead to drastic weight loss. It has been shown that we can lose more fat when we sleep constantly than when you are sleep deprived. This is very practical.
For example after eating your normal dinner you start watching a long seasonal movie , it gets very deep into the night you are not sleepy but you are hungry. So you go and secretly eat some more food so you can have the strength to watch your movie. And most food eaten during that hour just get stored as fat. So regulate your sleeping to prevent exercising and still lose weight.
Cool ways to lose weight without exercising drink water
4. Drink like a fish
Wait guys the drink I mentioned above doesn’t include alcohol (fishes don’t get high, they get wet) It just means you drink water excessively. Yes this could turn out to be a simple way to lose weight without exercising 
Drinking more water has been shown to be a great way to lose weight.
Drinking water will help your metabolism. It’s also advisable that you drink two glasses of water before having a meal, so you can fill up your stomach and prevent more eating.


Additional tip : Bang your head against the wall
Yes, by banging your head against the wall you will lose 150 calories. Wow! That is a nice bargain if you have an empty brain. And while you are at it, listen to David guetta’s song of the same name.

You are so wonderful for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it? Please don’t forget to leave comments. And share what you’ve learned.

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