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Top 5 diseases to watch out for in 2016

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There are diseases that have been prevalent for years, and they are some that will be prevalent for years. You are going to find out about the latter. Although science has made progress regarding some diseases, they are still some very stubborn ones. This diseases are those that are still on the rise. And are expected to affect more people in the coming year.
Today I’ll be sharing with you the top 5 diseases you should watch out for in 2016.
This post is just for informative purposes, So I won’t be sharing on how you can avoid them. I’ll still do that, just make sure you keep tabs on my blog so you don’t miss it. Now let’s roll

1. Cancer

  Cancer is the number one disease that you should be wary of. Cancer is any type of malignant growth, that results from a renegade cell in the body.
The statistics that shows the rate by which cancer is spreading is alarming. Every year millions die from cancer, it has even killed more than terrorism.
Many effort has been put into finding treatments and curbing it. Cancer still remains a witty and elusive problem. If cancer were a human, it would have the highest IQ, it keeps outsmarting scientists. However they have been moderate progresses in some areas of cancer, for example Immunotherapy. Which is using our own body’s natural  defense to fight cancer. But lung cancer and leukemia are areas that are still proving difficult.
So please keep an eye on cancer ,a strict eye.

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2. Pneumonia and lower respiratory diseases.

  This is the the ultimate killer disease in Africa; Pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections are the leading cause of deaths among Africans. It affects both children and adults. In most cases of Lower respiratory infections, early treatment is the key. Such diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis and bronchiolitis  kill an estimated four million people across the world and death toll is higher in countries with restricted access to healthcare facility. Pneumonia alone is responsible for 90% of all lower respiratory tract infections. Do you know that it is responsible for taking the lives of more than 800,000 people in Africa every year?. Pneumonia and along with its gang of lower respiratory disease are surely another we should keep our eye on.

3. Alzheimer’s disease

This is a disease caused by presenile brain atrophy. In normal English language it simply means wearing of the brain cells due to old age. It leads to slowing of the mental processes, beginning with forgetfulness and progressing to irrationality.
Alzheimer’s disease is common in the West and affects a huge number in the United States. It is kind of a serious disease, Yes because imagine your name being forgotten by a loved one that has Alzheimer’s. The numbers are rising every year so let’s keep an eye on this one.

4. Meningitis

Meningitis is simply the swelling of the meninges – which are membranes that cover the brain band spinal cord.
Meningitis is one of the most frightful disease in the world. One unpleasant thing about this disease is that it is capable of reducing the quality of life even after recovery. Meningitis is a disease that is usually seasonal; occurring mostly between December and June during the dry season. More than 1 million people get infected by some form of meningitis every year resulting in 170,000 deaths every year. A typical infection involves the covering of the brain and spinal cord leading to swelling of these tissues. Meningitis has a high mortality rate such that even with early diagnosis and treatment, up to 10% of affected individuals still end up dead and about 15% of survivors suffer permanent brain damage and some form of hearing impairment or learning disability. The prevalence of Meningitis can easily be reduced with adequate vaccination and prophylaxis.

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5. Depression and mental disorders

With the world’s scene gradually getting worse and a lot of technology being prevalent. You can expect that depression will set in. Depression will lead to anxiety and anxiety will lead to a host of mental disorders. Well there are lots of problem here and there, as well as new technology being the leading cause of depression.

They say a problem known is a problem half solved. We now know watch we should watch out for in the new year and we are surely going to overcome them.

Thank you for taking your time read. Please leave your comments and remember to share.


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