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7 Realistic Health Goals You Should Set for 2019

  The beginning of every year has this wonderful feeling it brings. Everyone loves new years, the celebration and fun during the new year’s eve is always awesome.
   But do you know one of the greatest things about new years… It brings along with it opportunities for fresh starts, opportunities to try something new, opportunities to improve on something. That’s the reason we all set goals and new year resolutions.
No matter what goals we decide to set. It has to include our health and wellbeing. That’s why today you will find out 7 Realistic, S.M.A.R.T  health goals for 2019.
Because I care so much about your health, in each goal mentioned, we will be looking at how you can achieve them? and what can help you achieve them ? So please read on.

Health Goals You Should Set for 2019

1. Improve your nutrition
Improving your nutrition has to be the no. 1 health goal for 2016. Do you know why? Because “You are what you eat” and if you want to make an all round improvement it should begin with proper dieting.
How can you achieve this goal?
One way we can improve our nutrition is to eat more fruits and vegetables. The health benefits that we gain cannot be overemphasized.
Try to incorporate this goal by adding more chopped veggies into your meals. Another one is to lessen our meat intake in 2016 (is this gonna be possible). The health risks associated with eating meat regularly is increasing ,so tell yourself “I will eat less meat in 2016”. Say it again and louder. Fish would be a nice substitute, but not a super sub because it too has its own health risks. So keep everything moderate.
2. Engage in more physical activity
   A healthy body has to be engaged in physical exercise. If you spent 2015 always driving or always taking transport, its time to use your legs. Taking more frequent walks will go a long way in keeping you in healthy shape. Tell yourself “I will engage in more consistent physical activities in 2016″. Infact tell your neighbour ” I will exercise more in 2019″.
If you are overweight and you desire to lose weight in 2019. Make plans to exercise regularly in 2019. Register for fitness and weight loss programs. Make it your number one health priority next year and you’ll see results.
3. Rest and sleep more

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In the coming year you should try to create more space to get adequate sleep and rest. Living in this world is always hectic, work and challenges won’t give us time to sleep or rest.
How can you achieve this goal? Here’s the trick, if you keep on looking for time to rest and sleep your won’t find that time. The key is to create time. Make plans that will give you the chance to recharge.
You see sleep is the only way we can recharge our body’s battery. There’s no power bank, Lol.

4. Reduce the eating out
    You might feel like it’s not possible. “I depend on fast food” you might say with tears in your eyes. Well my dear most of this fast food restaurants won’t definitely make food with  intentions towards your health.
Most of them will be negligent with regards your health. The only people that can cook good for you is you, your boo, and your mom.
Reduce the eating out, the fast food and snacks. If the restaurant cooks a special food that you can’t do without. Learn how to prepare the meal, after all a goal also involves learning something new.
5. Spend more time with loved ones
  If you are always indoors, with your smartphone or on Instagram all day. It’s time to spend time with your loved ones. Decide to reduce your attachment with your smartphone and increase your attachment with smart people that love you. Try to look for opportunities to spend quality time with your close pals. It also helps your general wellbeing.
6. Visit the doctor often
  A lot of healthcare instructions always includes visiting the physician. But the truth is that we never pay our medical caregivers a visit. This year you should decide to make regularly visits to your doctor. The health problems in this world is gradually increasing, don’t neglect any symptom. You never might know. So one of your goals this year should be to visit the doctor often.
7. Improve your wellbeing
   This goal involves that you make out time today care of yourself and your wellbeing. Start doing nice,  wonderful things for yourself.
Decide that you will try to always feel happy, positive and beautiful. Regularly do the things that make you happy, with people that put big smiles on your face.
Please remember that the number one factor in achieving any goal, is to make plans. Start drawing out plans that will guarantee you a healthy 2019.
Thanks a lot for reading. Please comment on goals you would like to set and how you plan on doing them.
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