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5 Simple Exercises That Increases Your Height

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exercises to increase height


So ‘you’re short’ and tired of hearing this? Try out these exercises to grow taller even after puberty. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, smart and confident on the earth? I guess everyone wants. A prefect height makes you feel confident and a perfect personality. Though you’re drop dead gorgeous but if you’re short, not many people would notice you. And if you’re beautiful and have a perfect height, people would crave for you. Perfect height makes you stand out of the crowd. All short people are likely to be disappointed with their height because a tall stature is always desirable everywhere. Generally, it is hard to grow taller after puberty but the given exercises in this article will surely help you gain some extra inches at any age. These body stretching exercises and yoga postures stimulate HGH i.e Human Growth Hormone, in our body. Which helps us  in increasing height naturally. 

1. Cobra stretch: This exercise is particular intended to stretch your spine and increase your vertical height. Follow the steps and do this simple exercise daily.
– Lie down on the floor with face down placing your palms beneath your shoulders.
– Move your torso upwards off the floor by straightening your arms and form an elevated angle.
– Keep your spine stretched as long as you can. At least for 10-40 seconds. Then return back to the starting position.
– Do 3-4 times daily for optimal results.

2. Vertical hanging:You must have heard, during nights our height differs by 2-3cm. That is because when we sleep, our spine and joints are stretched out completely. But when we stand up, gravity compresses spine and joints bit by bit. and people appear shorter. Vertical hanging is a simple way to overcome this problem because when we hang, our body get stretched from toe to head. And this lengthens the spine and makes you grow taller.
– Get a solid bar. It should be located at least 1-2 feet above your head.
– While hanging, make sure your feet are at least 1ft away from the ground and you are able to stretch out completely.
– Hold the bar tightly and try to do push ups. If you are unable to do push ups, keep hanging on as long as you can.
– There is no time limit for this exercise. You can do as per your capability. But try to do at least for 5 minutes.

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 3. Pilates roll over:Pilate roll over is somewhat complicated yet interesting workout. It puts work in your spine and heightens your upper body parts. It also helps in stretching vertebrae of your neck and making your entire body flexible. – Lie down on your back arms down with your side. – Lift your legs together towards the ceiling at a 90-degree angle. – Exhale. And now bend your legs backward slowly and try to touch the ground with your toe. – Loose your body completely. Exhale and start from the step 1 again. – Repeat these steps and do this exercise as long as you can(i am sure you can’t do more than 10 minutes).

4. Forward spine stretch:This exercise puts work in your entire body. It helps in stretching your spine, legs, arms and vertebra of the neck. This is a very quick, easy and useful workout. You have to follow these steps to do it correctly.
– Sit right straight on the floor and expand your legs completely at the distance of the width of your shoulders.
– Exhale. Now expand your arms facing down in front of you and slowly try to reach your both toes.
– Bear in mind, while doing so, your spine makes a ‘C’ curve ( as pointed in the picture). Don’t flex your spine too much.
– Remain in this posture for 30-40 seconds. Then loose your body. Exhale. And do again from starting point. Keep doing this for 5-10 minutes.

 5. Two straight legs up: If you’re blessed with long legs, you must be thankful to god. Because long legs effect your height too much. If you have long legs, you would look taller than actually you’re. This exercise is specially intended to stretch out your legs and strengthen the muscles of your thigh and around your hip.
– Lie down straight on floor arms by your side.
– Now lift both your legs together as high as possible and straight at the same time.
– Place your both hands in your hips or back for the support.
– Do this exercise daily for 3-5 minutes with each repetition for 5seconds.

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Other simple yet very useful ways for height growth.
1. Dancing
2. Rope skipping
3. Swimming
4. Sport activities
5. Healthy diet
6. Adequate sleep
Follow all these exercises and simple ways on regular basis. I assure you, you will definitely add some extra inches to your height within a short span of time. So what you’re waiting for? Just give 1hr daily and look taller, smarter and confident.

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