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4 Solid Reasons Why Exercising While Dieting Makes It Easier to Lose Weight


Exercise dieting weight loss

If you don’t like exercising, then you are probably hoping that it isn’t necessary for losing weight. Whenever you are considering losing weight, an expert will recommend also exercising. Research reveals that exercise isn’t necessary for losing weight, but physical activity makes losing weight easier and faster for several reasons. Here are the reasons for continuing to exercise while trying to lose weight with a reduction in daily calories.


Exercise dieting weight loss

REASON 1: You Will Lose Weight From Fat Rather Than Muscle 

If you don’t exercise vigorously several times a week for a total of five or six hours, then you are likely to lose weight from muscle rather than fat. When you are consuming fewer calories, your body reacts by shutting down your energy levels, and your muscles use a lot of energy, so you will lose muscle mass rather than stored fat. In addition, your body’s muscle cells use more caloric energy than fat cells do, so you will lose a lot of muscle mass quickly, but within a few weeks, your weight loss will slow down. By exercising, you will tend to lose excess body fat rather than essential muscle mass, helping you to lose weight faster. In addition, exercising increases your body’s muscle tone, and a toned body with shaped muscles looks thinner than a flabby body does.

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Exercise dieting weight loss

REASON 2: Your Body Responds To Having Fewer Calories

Experts will tell you that a diet plan is mostly about changing your eating habits. Eighty percent of the focus on a weight loss program is about your food consumption, so you should eliminate fatty foods that lack nutrition from your diet plan. When you are on a diet, you must consume fewer calories, and most individuals do this by eliminate nonessential foods or making slight changes in their menu plans. Some of the changes might include avoiding sugary soft drinks or giving up tasty desserts such as cake, pie or ice cream. You may also reduce your portion sizes to reflect what a dietitian recommends.
However, the reduction in calories can cause your body to go into starvation mode. This reaction will lead to a release of hormones that are designed for reducing the amount of calories burned by your body. By exercising, you can fight against these hormones so that your body continues to burn calories in a normal way. Exercising combined with dieting helps to release hormones that make you feel satiated rather than hungry.
Of course the hard part is tapering off the right amount of calories.  Which is why it helps to have a service designed for you.  Something like Nutrisystem for men which can be customized to how many calories you need to eat to meet your weight loss goals, but at a safe rate so that you aren’t taking on too much of a calorie deficiency.  As Nutrisystem points out, that can be extremely dangerous to your health, and can impact your ability to lose weight overall.

Exercise dieting weight loss

REASON 3: Exercising Will Keep Your Mind Off Of Food Consumption

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When you are dieting, you will begin to think about food more than before because you are giving up some delicious desserts or eliminating high-fat treats. If you have an exercise routine to keep your mind busy, then you are less likely to have food cravings. If you are accustomed to eating a lot of sugar, sodium or fat, then you will have intense cravings for these substances. Try to choose forms of exercise that will get you out of your house and away from food sources. By taking long walks at the park or going swimming at a community center, you are away from the temptations in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboard. Exercise will also help to make you tired so that you are able to sleep soundly without thinking about food.

REASON 4: You Won’t Become Discouraged By Slow Weight Loss

If you decide to lose weight by dieting without increasing your physical activity, then you are likely to become discouraged by your slow weight loss. It is safe to reduce your intake of calories by 300 to 800 calories, depending on your current weight, height and health. If you try to eliminate more calories than that, then you will feel extremely hungry and your energy levels will decline drastically. You will have slower weight loss when you are only reducing your calories, and you might become discouraged, leading to giving up your diet plan. Alternatively, when you exercise in addition to reducing calories, you will lose weight quickly, boosting your self-esteem. You can additionally consume foods that enhance weight loss.

So, hope you are now convinced beyond doubt that you need to exercise while keeping to a diet plan in order to lose weight. If you are looking for an amazing drink to boost your weight loss and want to lose weight fast I recommend you get Green Coffee Plus. It is made fdom high quality green bean extract, which constitutes an essential compound, chlorogenic acid (CGA). This compound suppresses blood glucose, which helps our body burn and utilise fat. It also contains powerful antioxidants and boosts your metabolism. You can get Green Coffee Plus at a very affordable price and lose weight fast.
Exercise dieting weight loss


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Thanks for reading and I wish you success in your weight loss journey!
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