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8 Cute Things Every Healthy Girl Does

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To be a girl isn’t easy, you are constantly growing and changing, you have to avoid getting fat, you have to look beautiful, you have to fall in love.

You see, the number one priority of any girl should be a healthy and happy life. Do you know why? Later when you become a woman, much of your choices you made as a girl will have a lot of bearing.
Being a healthy happy girl is quite challenging. Girls have lots of issues to deal with, the early puberty, the constant emotional distress, the heart breaks and the crushes.
How can you be a cute, healthy and happy girl? What are the little things you should do, that’d make you a healthy girl? You’ll find out soon enough.
Below are 8 cute things every healthy girl does. ( I used  ‘cute’ because that’s the only adjective girls use to describe practically anything).
Please note that I’m not a girl and I’m also not a female expert, just try to learn something new and have fun reading.
1. Eat only when they are hungry
Every healthy girl should know when to eat and when to stop eating. You should eat, only when you are hungry and stop eating immediately when you are full. It’s not in the constitution that you must finish all the food in the plate.
As a girl when you are hungry it means your body needs food, and when you are satisfied, your body doesn’t need anymore food. Anything else you eat is just going to increase your weight.
2. Eat balanced, healthy food
Hello dear, You are what you eat!. If you always eat fast food, junk food, and cheap snacks. Then you are a cheap, fast junk. But if you habitually eat fresh fruits, whole grains and other healthy foods. You can expect to be a strong healthy girl.
To be realistic, it is not easy at all. That’s why you need to balance your diet and make the right eating choices.


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3. Exercise often

Healthy girls regularly engage in some form of physical activity. Exercising is good for your health.
You see, it doesn’t mean that you should hit the gym and perform strenuous workouts. Just simple walking, cycling or swimming is enough for you.
To be a healthy girl, you should take exercising important and engage in it at least three times a week.

8 Cute things every healthy girl does


4. Have good personal relationships
Your emotional and mental health depends on the kind of personal relationships you have. Every cute healthy girl has cool friends she feels free to talk with and share your troubles with.
Also family is important, and the way you relate to them. Whether it’s a boy you friend zoned, an older female friend or your granny. A good personal relationship with them with make you a healthy, happy girl.
8 Cute things every healthy girl does


5. Look beautiful and maintain good hygiene
There are two simple things that can make a girl confident. One, Good hygiene. You know the basics, take your bath and brush your teeth. Also take note to properly wash and clean all your unmentionables.
Two, a beautiful face. Do you that the best make-up any girl can put on is a smile? I didn’t say you should smile like a hyena everywhere you go. Do your best to look beautiful, just don’t overdo it.
8 Cute things every healthy girl does


6. Take note of  their bodily changes
Every girl should strip naked and look in the mirrors once in a while. Hey! Wait before you break my nose. The reason for doing that is for you to take your time and notice how your body has been changing. Now that breast cancer is rampant, habitually looking at your body can help you detect any slight malignancy.
So you have seen now, Every healthy girl should listen to their body and understand it.
7. Wear the right shoes
Nowadays there’s just one reason girls wear shoes, just to look taller than their shadow.
It could lead you wearing the wrong shoes, the tight and painful ones.
Finally later in life you could end up with many foot related problems like bunions later in life.
8 Cute things every healthy girl does


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8. Visit the gynecologist once in a while
A times you might often neglect the gynecologist. Maybe thinking that you   should see him when you are ill. It should be that way, when you have questions regarding your health and body, your gynecologist should be consulted.
Instead of going on blind date with  guys, make it a priority to book a date with your gynecologist once in a while.
Thank you so much for reading, you’re such a cutie.

Please don’t forget to drop comments and share to your friends, girlfriends, daughters, crushes, side chicks and so on.


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